Aschen harvester

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A massive anti-gravity barge built by the Aschen, designed to collect and store crops obtained from the farming lands of Aschen-controlled planets. The Harvester stores and maintains crops, then transports the yield en-masse through the Stargate to the Aschen homeworld. The gate on Aschen farm planets such as Volia is attached to a portable, multi-directional platform, which the ship can activate to automatically lay the Stargate flat. The Harvester then dials the gate remotely, and dumps the crop through the event horizon.

The Aschen utilize hundreds of Harvesters on any given world, though they are used for more than collecting grain. Aboard each ship is at least one conference chamber suitable for conducting meetings, such as negotiations. The vessel is also equipped with an Aschen matter transporter, by which individuals may come and go while the ship is in flight. There are also restroom facilities.

The Harvesters are also capable of launching Aschen bio-weapons through the same dorsal orifice by which goods are sent through the Stargate, making the ship a potential threat now that relations between Earth and the Aschen have been severed.


USED BY - Aschen


2001 - SG-1 and Ambassador Faxon materialize aboard an Aschen harvester to conduct negotiations, in the hopes of formalizing an alliance with the Aschen Confederation.