Asgard stasis pod

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Advanced stasis device designed specifically for Asgard beings, outfitted to automatically repair the Asgard form if he is injured. Asgard stasis pods can generate a wireless interface with the ship they are aboard.

If the Asgard within the stasis pod begins to go critical, it is possible to initiate a "suspended animation" program which will cover the body and preserve it until help can arrive. The devices are also equipped with an anti-gravity field emitter so that, if required, they may easily be moved to a safer location.


Nemesis - Thor is afraid to allow Carter to initiate the automatic repair process on the stasis pod for fear that Replicators have taken control of the ship's subroutines which interface with it.
Fragile Balance - A young copy of Jack O'Neill uses a zat gun on the Asgard Loki and ties him down to a stasis pod.