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Lieutenant, member of SG-14 and a victim of Goa'uld mind manipulation. Astor and her team had been fleeing from a group of Horus Guards on an alien planet. She recalled that she shot a Jaffa -- but this is most likely when the za'tarc memories were applied into her mind. She returned to the S.G.C. with a mission to assassinate.

Thanks to the Tok'ra Anise's za'tarc detector, Astor was found out before she could do any damage. During her second session her programming kicked in and she became enraged. She struggled with several guards in the room before grabbing a weapon and killing herself.


PLAYED BY - Kirsten Robek
FIRST APPEARED - Divide and Conquer


Divide and Conquer - Lieutenant Astor is subjected to the za'tarc detector and recalls shooting a Horus Guard; however, the detector says otherwise.