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An agrarian society that long-resided on the planet Athos in the Pegasus Galaxy. Teyla Emmagan, daughter of Tagan, was their leader before she joined the Atlantis team. Following the arrival of the Tau'ri from the recently re-discovered city of Atlantis and a Wraith attack, the surviving Athosians returned with Major John Sheppard and his team to Atlantis. There the displaced people lived for several weeks, until relocating to a nearby continent on the Atlantis planet to begin a new life.

At first glance the Athosians might not appear technologically advanced, but they have certainly enhanced the most simplistic of chores in their daily lives with the use of small and concealable technology, such as the fire-starter. They are not technologically unadvanced, as they appear to be, but rather choose not to advance too far for fear that it will bring the Wraith down upon them. The Athosians possess keen intellects and abilities, and some among them can even sense the Wraith when they are near.

The Athosians are a deeply spiritual people who pray to the "ancestors," referring to the Ancients. They mastered Stargate travel long ago, and some, such as Teyla and Halling, have served as guides to Atlantis reconnaissance teams when travelling to other planets in their galaxy. Athosians are not quick to trust, but have found a soft spot for the people of Earth. They are well-versed in the coordinates of several planets with Stargates, but never have they come across one that has not been besieged by the Wraith.

After Atlantis's creation of the Wraith hybrid Michael the Athosians found themselves victimized by him (and his personal grudge against Teyla). Having recently resettled to another new world the survivors were abducted en masse, held captive by Michael and subjected to experimentation. After some months they were rescued by Teyla and the team from Atlantis.


FIRST APPEARED - Rising, Part 1


Rising, Part 1 - The Athosians are introduced to humans from another galaxy, but the Wraith soon attack their world.
Rising, Part 2 - Following the Wraith attack the Athosians resettle in Atlantis, while Major Sheppard leads a team to rescue Teyla and the others captured.
Hide and Seek - The Athosians attempt to settle in to a new life in Atlantis.
Thirty Eight Minutes - Halling and the Athosians attempt to conduct a death ritual for Teyla, but Weir does not allow it because she does not want to give up on their people.
Suspicion - Weir suspects a traitor among the Athosians, and they are outraged that the humans from Earth do not trust them. When a nearby continent is discovered, the Athosians happily relocate there -- though Teyla chooses to stay in Atlantis.
The Storm - With a massive storm bearing down on them, the Athosians are temporarily relocated to safety.
Critical Mass - Teyla mourns the passing of Charin, an Athosian woman who has been like a grandmother to her.
The Return, Part 1 - When the Ancients return to Atlantis, they force the Athosians to resettle on another planet.
Missing - Teyla and Dr. Keller visit New Athos, only to find the new settlement deserted and the fate of the Athosian people unknown.
The Seer - Teyla learns from a renowned prophet that the Athosians are still alive, but are shrouded in darkness.
The Kindred, Part 1 - Teyla's search for her people puts her in Michael's crosshairs, reuniting her with Halling and the others after she too is taken.
The Kindred, Part 2 - With help from Teyla and her team the Athosians escape from Michael's captivity.