Daniel Jackson (ship)

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Asgard science vessel named after the human archaeologist and SG-1 team member, operating under the jurisdiction of Supreme Commander Thor. The Daniel Jackson fought in the last months of the Replicator war but did not survive to see victory.

The Daniel Jackson monitored the collapse of Halla's sun in the Othalla galaxy. Shortly after the Replicators made their escape the ship was attacked by a small group of Replicators, which were eventually defeated by Teal'c.

To preserve his memories, Jack O'Neill's mind was interfaced with the ship. He was able to read the logs and manipulate environmental conditions, as well as project a holographic image of himself while the team planned their attack against the Replicators.

Thor piloted the Daniel Jackson into the atmosphere of Orilla, modifying the ship's weapons array to emit an enormous disruptor burst (obtained from knowledge of the Ancients in O'Neill's mind) which annihilated all the Replicators on the planet.

Though the vessel's name was not mentioned, it is believed Thor was still commanding the Daniel Jackson near the end of the Replicator war, when the machines were systematically destroying Goa'uld forces in the Milky Way Galaxy. Thor was forced to evacuate the ship to save himself.


USED BY - Asgard
FIRST APPEARED - New Order, Part 1


New Order, Part 1 - Thor takes the Daniel Jackson into range of Carter and Teal'c's cargo ship, beaming them aboard just in time before their craft is destroyed by a black hole.
New Order, Part 2 - The Daniel Jackson launches a modified version of the Replicator disruptor in Orilla's atmosphere, neutralizing all Replicators on the surface.