David Jordan

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Noted archaeologist, professor of the "prodigal" Dr. Daniel Jackson, as well as Drs. Steven Rayner and Sarah Gardner. Jordan regarded Daniel as his most remarkable student and continued to think highly of him after he was thrown out of academia for believing the Egyptian pyramids were actually landing sites for alien starships.

Jordan was killed in his own lab's horrific explosion by, what tabloids dubbed, the Curse of Osiris. In actuality, Dr. Gardner allowed curiosity to gain the best of her and opened the protected casing of the Osiris jar (believed to hold the mummified heart of the three-thousand year old pharaoh), unleashing the symbiote Osiris itself, implanting Sarah and murdering Jordan along with all of the evidence.


PLAYED BY - David Abbott


The Curse - Dr. Jackson appears after a five-year dissapearance to attend Dr. Jordan's funeral and encounters old friends, not to mention rivals.