Gas cloud ship

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A large and highly advanced alien vessel encountered by the Prometheus while en route home to Earth from the planet Tagrea. The vessel acted in a hostile manner, prompting commanding officer William Ronson to flee into an unsual gas cloud. There they managed to find cover, but the ship became temporarily stranded -- its captain and crew transported away by the alien vessel, leaving only Samantha Carter on board. The alien ship pursued and was trapped as well.

After deciphering the nature of the cloud Carter shared with the alien ship how to free itself, negotiating for the return of Prometheus' crew. The vessel departed without any direct communication -- leaving the identity of the race that built it a total mystery.

The ship appears to have at least 14 decks and a significant internal area, suggesting that it could be used for functions such as the transportation of civilians -- and not simply be a warship. It is armed, though, firing powerful bolts of energy from cannons that are deployed on either side of the main body when the ship assumes an attack posture. It is also equipped with scanners to determine whether or not opposing craft are a potential threat.


USED BY - Unknown


Grace - Prometheus encounters a hostile alien vessel and flees into an unusual gas cloud.