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Daedalus crew member and pilot. Griffin either possessed the Ancient gene or received gene therapy by Dr. Carson Beckett. This gene allowed him to pilot Ancient Puddle Jumpers.

Griffin and Dr. Rodney McKay flew a formerly damaged Puddle Jumper to Lantea's mainland without a hitch, but on the return to the city the craft spiraled out of control and smacked into the ocean.

Approximately an hour later the men regained consciousness. When the forward window began to crack under a thousand meters of pressure, Griffin and McKay moved to the rear of the ship. Unfortunately the release to close the middle hatch was non-functional.

Griffin gave his life for McKay, returning to the cockpit and pulling the manual release. The forward compartment flooded moments later.


PLAYED BY - William MacDonald
FIRST APPEARED - Grace Under Pressure


Grace Under Pressure - Dr. Griffin annoys McKay with arguments regarding scientific deficiency before crashing their Puddle Jumper into the ocean, an accident eventually leading to his death.