Katie Brown

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Botanist and member of the Atlantis expedition. Dr. Brown caught the eye of Rodney McKay, and despite his awkward experience with women she has found herself attracted to him.

Katie made dinner plans with Rodney, unaware when he arrived that he was sharing his body with the consciousness of Lieutenant Laura Cadman following a run-in with a Wraith Dart. Cadman, inside McKay, invited Carson Beckett on the date. When Beckett arrived at Brown's doorstep she was surprised, but realized that McKay had been under a great deal of stress. Rodney arrived and after several awkward moments Cadman took control of him, made a lovely speech to Katie and departed, leaving her dumbfounded following a passionate kiss.

Katie regularly participates in a girl's poker night, and is acquaintances with Lieutenant Cadman. Because she is a civilian she has not yet had the opportunity to go off-world.


PLAYED BY - Brenda James


Duet - Katie Brown looks forward to an intimate dinner with Dr. Rodney McKay, not realizing he is presently sharing his body with Lt. Cadman.
Quarantine - Katie and Rodney are trapped in her lab when the city goes into lockdown, and she learns he was going to propose to her. But they decide not to move forward with their relationship.