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A major people group on the planet P2X-416. Their rivals are the Bedrosians, who occupy another continent and who are intensely militaristic. Contrary to their enemy's beliefs in the Book of Nefertum, they believe that the human form was brought to their current planet from a far-away place via a portal (likely an accurate reference to the millennia-old practice of the Goa'uld).

It is because of this, and possibly other matters, that the Bedrosians wage war with the Optricans. Bedrosians' strong belief system maintains that their form originated on Bedrosian soil by Nefertum, and that theories of distant origin are false. This view was complicated when the Stargate was unburied on Bedrosian soil by two young scientists, Nyan and Mallin, and SG-1 arrived through the portal.

It is likely that Optrican technology is equivalent to the Bedrosians, who possess advanced flying craft and energy weapons.




New Ground - SG-1 encounters the Bedrosians, a sect of people from P2X-416 who do not support the Optrican theory that their form originated on a far-away planet.