People of BP6-3Q1

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A technologically advanced culture that was transformed into countless thousands of alien insects.

Little is known about the people other than the architecture they left behind. However, before SG-1 was able to explore their planet too far, they were overwhelmed by hundreds of the insects, determined to implant their venom via stingers on their "tails." They were successful in stinging Teal'c, who soon began to transform into the bugs.

Reviewing video footage of a later attempt to retrieve further information, it was discovered that the bugs emerged from the decayed corpses of the planet's former inhabitants. Dozens of the creatures burst out of a single human body and immediately seek out prey.

Retrieving technology from BP6-3Q1 was deemed too great a risk. The planet's inhabitants did possess a Stargate, and their level of advancement and the gate's placement in the city indicate that they knew how to use it. It is not known if any escaped their race's fate.




Bane - While on the streets of an abandoned city on BP6-3Q1, SG-1 is attacked by alien insects, which they later deduce used the planet's population itself to reproduce.