People of Camelot

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Inhabitants of the village of Camelot who remain steadfast in their belief that King Arthur will one day return to gather a new army and lead a campaign. Women are discouraged from preparing for such a task, but do assist in the training of the males. The village leader, Meurik, also helps to maintain this status quo.

Among the villagers Merlin's name is rarely spoken in public. They believe that he may have been a dark wizard, and though his intentions were often good, he brought the people great pain. Before SG-1's arrival, his library had been sealed for centuries.

Though the men of the village of Camelot are trained generation to generation to be King Arthur's army, his specific target is not known.


HOMEWORLD - planet of Camelot


Camelot - SG-1 travels to the planet where Camelot is located in the hopes of locating an anti-Ori weapon with the help of the people.