People of P2R-866

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Inhabitants of P2R-866 who accepted the Origin faith. This was instrumental to Stargate Command who initially suspected the Ori were responsible for mysterious monsters plaguing the lives of local villages (such as the pestilent R75 insects). But once the people accepted Origin, such a plague would have left them.

Instead it was discovered that Stargate Command was directly responsible, manipulating the Sodan technology they used to conceal themselves and allowing hazardous extradimensional parasites to "seep" into this universe and infect local wildlife. S.G.C.'s presence had simply been covert observation of an already converted planet, but their presence caused damage nonetheless.




Uninvited - The S.G.C. is certain the Ori are not responsible for an unusual, mutant creature terrorizing the locals once they discover the people of P2R-866 have committed to Origin.