People of P9J-333

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Inhabitants of P9J-333 under surveillance by SG-3 (via Sodan cloaking devices) during the period of time they were invited by a Prior to convert to Origin. Colonel Reynolds and his team broke their cover when locals began to be attacked and torn to shreds by a mysterious creature. SG-1 eventually arrived as backup and eliminated the mutant threat.

It was later determined that the creature's appearance was not related to the Ori, but to the presence of SG-3, who had manipulated the radiation "leakage" emitted by their Sodan cloaking fields. By doing this, extradimensional parasites emerged into this dimension, which took residence in local wildlife. This action converted even the most docile animal into a monstrous carnivore.




Uninvited - Fearing Ori involvement, Reynolds and SG-3 make themselves known to the inhabitants of P9J-333 when a mysterious animal begins slaying the locals.