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The Characters of Stargate Universe

Friday - January 16, 2009
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The team heading to the Ancient deep space exploratory vessel Destiny is finally shaping up! Here is our handy guide to the cast of characters and the faces that viewers will come to know when Stargate Universe premieres this fall!

For more on the show, check out GateWorld’s Stargate Universe Launch Center.

Title: Doctor
Played By: Robert Carlyle

When a group of scientists and soldiers find themselves trapped on an Ancient ship in the far reaches of space, Dr. Rush works to unlock the mysteries of the Ancient ship Destiny and return the group home. But evidence of his ulterior motives soon arises.

Rank: Colonel
Played By: Louis Ferreira

Colonel Young requested to serve the remainder of his commission on Earth upon marrying his wife, Hailey, two years ago, but for now he commands a secret off-world base. The loss of two members of his team several years ago has taught him to be prepared for anything.

Rank: Lieutenant
Played By: Brian J. Smith

Green and rough around the edges, Lt. Scott is thrust into the role of leader well before he is ready for the responsibility. He must learn to command, earn the respect of his people through action, and manage the diverse personalities aboard the ship.

Rank: First Lieutenant
Played By: Alaina Huffman

Beautiful, tough, and from a modest background, Tamara joined the Air Force when she couldn’t afford medical school. With only paramedic-level training, she ends up being the most medically inclined person on the ship — but is overwhelmed by her lack of knowledge and experience.

Played By: David Blue

Eli is a total slacker … who just happens to be an utter genius with anything he puts his mind to, be it computers, mathematics, video games, or anything else. A lack of confidence has left him with an acerbic sense of humor.

Played By: Elyse Levesque

Stunning and sexy, Chloe is the daughter of a U.S. Senator. She had a silver spoon upbringing and is a little spoiled … but politically and socially savvy. She dreams of following in her father’s footsteps, but the dire circumstances of being trapped on a spaceship seriously tests her character.

Rank: Master Sergeant
Played By: Jamil Walker Smith

Sergeant Greer is a Marine with an explosive temper that he finds hard to control. His past is a mystery, but it’s clear that something dark formed the hard shell around him. He’d rather take the fight to the enemy than stand still.

Played By: Ming-Na

A human resources executive with the international organization with oversight of the Stargate program, Wray finds herself on the Destiny very much against her will. She believes her opinion should carry a lot of weight with Dr. Rush and Colonel Young. Probably a recurring character.

Rank: Colonel
Played By: Lou Diamond Phillips

A lifelong military man, Colonel Telford is the chosen leader of the ill-fated expedition. But things don’t go quite as planned when an enemy attacks the secret research base from which his long-awaited mission was to launch. Possibly recurring or a guest star for the 3-hour premiere.

The full January 16 press release follows on Page 2, and the February 25 press release on Page 3.

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  • Its comming together at least lets hope that the last two spots are filled well.
    I look forward to “AIR” lets see if it keeps up to what we’ve come to expect from the franchise

  • Matthew Scott = John Sheppard
    Eli Wallace = Rodney McKay
    Ronald Greer = Ronan Dex

  • @Hithere ha ha i am gona wait to see the women before i comment. I don’t know many of them but i knew non of the Atlantis cast either. They seem to look the part can’t wait for Universe.

  • John Sheepard = Jack o’neill
    Rodney Mckay = Carter
    Ronan Dex = teal’c

  • two-hour movie event?!
    i thought it was supposed to be three-hour….

  • It just keeps getting better with the more I hear about “Stargate: Universe”! All the casting has been superb and I’m happy with who’s been chosen to play these latest character additions to the “Stargate” franchise! :)

    I’m looking forward to hear who they’ve cast for the main female characters! :)

  • I hope it succeeds for the people who like it. The more cast they announce, and the more they talk about the characters, they don’t seem like people I want to devote my time to.
    Just doesn’t seem to have that happy, feel-good vibe that the other two shows have. And that’s what I’m looking for with Stargate. Oh well, people’s tastes vary so hopefully, for these guys, many will love the show.

  • I’m still open minded. I’m pleased that they aren’t going as young as I was afraid they were going to.

  • @Jedi_Master_Bra’tac: Ronon doesn’t usually have an explosive temper. And I would hardly say Rodney’s sense of humor comes from a “lack of self-confidence” ;)

  • It’s disappointing to see that the first thing mentioned about the women are their looks, yet the looks of the men aren’t mentioned at all.

  • Well they didn’t go the “OC” route to terribly much. The more they reveal though the more I have doubts about this show. Sorry, just can’t seem to get behind this one like I did Atlantis or SG1. Me, myself,I still feel jaded about how all of this went down despite assurances to the contrary. Apparently I don’t seem to be the only one who feels this way. I hope the show works for those who want it to do well. I know a lot of people felt the same when Atlantis first arrived but changed their minds as the show progressed maybe this will happen for Universe. I will not be one of them.

  • All the guys look the same. Even the black guy–they’re all scruffy, unshaven jockish types. Even the computer nerd. How boring. Can’t you guys avoid typecasting? Can’t you go for original faces and features, something different? You were doing pretty well with variety with McKay/Shep/Zelenka/Ronon….at least they didn’t all look like the latest batch of hollywood slacker movie brats.

    Doesn’t bode well for the adult segment of your audience. Assuming you’re still remotely interested in appealing to anyone over 18.

  • I’m hoping that the characters aren’t as similar to existing ones as they seem. I remember before “Atlantis” started lots of people (including me) were concerned that Sheppard was basically Jack with a different name. But after the first few episodes, it was clear to me that Sheppard was a well defined character in his own right. Hopefully, the same will be true of the “Universe” characters. That said, I have a feeling that I’m not going to like Greer too much.

  • Matthew Scott will be written off or reduced to recurring by the second season when the writers realize they have no idea what to do with him. Greer will fill the “action man” role and Everett will be the required leading military man, and there will be no place left for Scott, since Stargate writers write roles, not characters.

  • I’m hoping that the characters are not going to be younger versions of SG-1 and SGA. I mean, Eli Wallace – sounds a bit like McKay. No?

    Still, I’m looking forward to Universe, especially since they are looking for advise from an outsider Scalzi.

  • Considering they can’t keep a nemesis defeated, I’m curious how long it will be before Destiny encounters a lost tribe of Ori and their followers.

  • @md

    Louis and Carlyle hardly fit your “scruffy, unshaven jockish types” comment. Besides those pics are their acting headshots. They are supposed to make them look “good”, if you can call it that. The real decision comes from the audition, not from the headshot.

    The real question for me is just this: Can these guys mesh into what “feels” like a Stargate team?

    I don’t like soap opera’s. I’m not into back-biting and hidden agendas. A Stargate team may disagree at times but ultimately they support each other and work together.

    We won’t be able to answer that question until well into the first season, so as a Stargate lover I can say that I will at least give it a full seasons viewing to win me over.

  • I’m excited. It looks like it could be really excellent. Too bad it’s now headed for Fall instead of Summer, but I think that’s also a good thing as it’ll give the writers/creators more time to work on things, and more time to get the SG1 and SGA films out. But, looks interesting… to me at least, my opinion.

  • they do all kind of look alike, though. moreso than the other Stargate franchises.

  • here is my run down on my characters for SGU
    justin timberlake will sing sexy back all the time and seranate the girls on the ship, jesse metcalfe will supply drugs and alcohol, shane west will supply his guitar and throw stuff at them, barney the purple dino will sing I LOVE U them song to make sure he gets the crew into harmony, chad michael murray will get every alien girl pregnant if justin doesnt beat him to it and alfonso herrera will be the rebelious one since he came out on rebelde and sings with RBD. any one want to add more ??? oh im working on the girls. so stay tunned for days our stargate universe he he just a bit of humor!

  • Looks forward to next casting announcements. Those boyz looks promising. Hope they don’t screw all the things up in “Air”.

  • I’m sorry, but the way I see it, they took away everything that made me love both SG-1 and SGA: a very small team of people who would die for each other, people who had no hidden agendas, who didn’t plot to stab each other in the back, people who were experts in their fields. That’s what made me turn in week after week. I could always count on both shows being a fun team adventure, not a brooding dark soap where you take bets on who does whom first – even though the ending of Atlantis did start to show these signs too…

    Oh well, I will take my “team-fix” somewhere else. Fortunately, there are still shows like NCIS…

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