Become a GateWorld Contributor

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You’re a Stargate fan with a talent to share or a message to communicate. We want your voice and talent on our team!

For over 20 years GateWorld has been an independent site made by fans, for fans. With passion and sweat we’ve built our little corner of fandom into one of the Internet’s original fan sites, with a global audience and a reputation for quality, thought-provoking content (not clickbait). From breaking news and deep-dive feature articles to fan stories, podcasts, original videos and more, GateWorld is a great place to celebrate all things Stargate.

We’d like to invite you to share your passion for Stargate by contributing to GateWorld and showcasing your skills – and make some money doing it. Depending on what you do and how much time you have, this might be a one-off piece or an ongoing opportunity. Those who have shown real commitment and skill have gone on to join our editorial team on a more permanent basis.

What opportunities are there to get involved?

Writing, editing, video creation, art and design, animation, podcasting … the sky’s the limit! We want to meet the next generation of Stargate content creators. Tell us a little about yourself and what you can bring to the team. If you have a specific idea for an article, a video, or other content feature, we want to hear your pitch.

Want to write an ongoing column on a particular theme? Or put yourself on video for the YouTube channel? Maybe create a podcast, or an original art series? Think you can improve what you see on GateWorld with your expert design skills? We want to meet you.

What if my skills and interests aren’t listed there?

Let’s talk! If you have something specific in mind, we can help you to flesh it out into a workable idea.

However, GateWorld is not currently publishing works of fiction.

Will I make money by contributing?

Yes! For written work published at, GateWorld pays a fixed rate per 1,000 pageviews over the first 30 days of publication. Don’t expect to retire off of it, but ongoing contributors who produce successful content will have more opportunities to earn money from their love of Stargate. Video creators will typically make more, with a revenue share negotiated before your work is published. If you want to contribute something else, let’s talk about how we can make sure you are fairly compensated.

Current Rate: $1.00 (U.S.) per 1,000 pageviews

Note that you’ll only be eligible to earn money if your content submission is actually published. Payments are made by PayPal.

What can I write or make content about?

We’re open to your ideas! You can create content on just about anything Stargate related, but we want to hear your pitch before you get busy doing the work – to make sure it’s a good fit with our site, and not too similar to something already in the works. We regularly publish time-sensitive news stories as well as more evergreen features about characters, themes, specific episodes, or more from Stargate’s long history. You can even connect Stargate to another sci-fi show or fictional world, so long as it remains a Stargate piece at the end of the day.

Your work can be an opinion piece (as long as it is fair and measured, not ranty) or more objective analysis and exploration of an idea. Your idea might be very niche, though it should be framed to appeal to a somewhat broad audience. We’re also looking for fans with a little experience writing in a traditional news format, who are willing and able to turn around short news articles on a deadline.

You might consider pitching:

  • Stargate-related news (including main cast members’ current work or planned convention appearances)
  • a list-style feature like a Top 10, “Best of,” “Five times …” etc.
  • deep-dive analysis of a character or story arc, an episode, or something else from within Stargate’s fictional universe
  • a primer or viewer’s guide to help acquaint newcomers to Stargate’s quirks, and its deep mythology
  • an exploration of your corner of fandom – a convention, fanfic, fan art, cosplay, prop making, etc.
  • an opinion-based editorial
  • a podcast or other unique audio project
  • a video for GateWorld’s YouTube channel

Our most successful team members are those who are motivated self-starters who can produce high-quality work, accessible particularly to a chiefly English-speaking audience. Take a look at our recent history of articles and YouTube videos to see what sorts of things GateWorld publishes. Maybe it will spark an idea or two!

How long should my first draft be?

Let’s set a target if the editors respond positively to your pitch. Some ideas may be suited to be shorter and more picture-heavy, while others will inevitably take the form of longer essays. The length should fit the idea. In other words: How long should it be? Exactly as long as it needs to be! That might be a 400-word news brief, a 1,000-word feature, or on rare occasion a 3,000-word tome. (If you have a “big” idea that we like, we might also explore breaking it up into a series.)

Can I repurpose something previously published?

For written work, audio, and video, your work should be 100% original and not previously published. If it is artwork you’ve previously posted online, that’s probably fine – let’s talk about it.

In most cases we’ll also ask that you not republish elsewhere the work you published at GateWorld. (The exception to this would be something like an artist’s professional portfolio.)

Will you edit my stuff?

Most definitely – and we hope you see that as a benefit to you. Even the best writers benefit from working alongside an editor. We’d like to work with you to refine your idea, and to improve your prose once your first draft is done. Don’t worry – GateWorld’s managing editor has 25 years of experience and isn’t looking to change your own voice, but only to help make your work the best it can be.

Final drafts will also be copy edited to match GateWorld’s house style.

Why was my contribution not published?

There are many reasons why we might opt not to move forward with an idea or even a written draft. Please don’t take it as a reflection on you; usually it’s because a pitch does not fit with our particular site and its audience. It may not be up to our quality standards, or it may need some rethinking and rewriting to fit better here.

Occasionally we also receive ideas that are a bit too similar to something we are already working on, or something we have published relatively recently. In this case we’ll let you know at the pitch stage, and potentially look for ways to adjust the idea to be more original.

I’m ready! How do I submit my pitch?

E-mail Darren (GateWorld’s managing editor) at [email protected] or fill out this contact form. Tell us a little about yourself and your fandom, your skills and experience (professional or amateur), and what you’d like to do. If you have a specific idea for an article or other piece of content you’d like to create, give us your best pitch! We’ll be in touch to let you know if it’s something we want to move forward with.

If you have questions we haven’t answered here, please drop Darren a line at: [email protected] (or fill out this contact form). We’ll do our best to get back to you soon.