Movie Novels

BY: Dean Devlin & Roland Emmerich     RELEASED: January 1995
A misfit archaeologist joins a military team in travelling through an ancient doorway to a far-away planet, where they must liberate an enslaved people from a powerful false god.
Stargate novel (Penguin Readers Edition) Stargate (Penguin Readers)
BY: Sheila Black (Adapted)     RELEASED: 1995
The novelization of the Stargate feature film is here adapted for young readers, with a simplified story and prose and additional educational activities.
BY: Bill McCay     RELEASED: October 1995
Jack O'Neil, Daniel Jackson, and the newly freed people of Abydos must deal with the fall-out of Ra's destruction when his successor, Hathor, arrives.
BY: Bill McCay     RELEASED: September 1996
Hathor plots the conquest of the planet Abydos, where chaos reigns in the absence of the alien slavemaster Ra. And her plans extend well beyond the desert world.
BY: Bill McCay     RELEASED: October 1997
In the wake of a tragic war on Abydos, Daniel Jackson and Jack O'Neil bring refugees back to Earth. But with Hathor's powerful ship now on its way to Earth, there is no rest for the weary.
BY: Bill McCay     RELEASED: May 1998
Jack O'Neill and Daniel Jackson seek out a new planet for the Abydan refugees to colonize, only to discover that they may not be alone on their chosen world!
BY: Bill McCay     RELEASED: October 1999
The Abydan colonists are stranded on the planet Ballas, where they are stalked by a merciless new enemy: cat-like predators with cunning skills and an unknown agenda.