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8 months ago

If you are going to watch Children of the Gods on it’s own then watch the Final Cut. If you are going to watch it as part of a binge watch of the whole series, then watch the original two parter as only the two part version directly leads into the first regular episode- The Enemy Within.

Austin Harper
Austin Harper(@austin-harper)
8 months ago

My preferred watch order is: Stargate (film) Children of the Gods: The Final Cut Pick up the last scene from the broadcast cut of the pilot, which is missing from The Final Cut Continue SG1 through Season 7 Alternate between SG1 and SGA as they originally aired, but any time there’s a two-part episode I watch the second half before switching shows, including movies based on their DVD release dates (this puts Ark of Truth after SGA Season 4 finale and puts Continuum after SGA Season 5 Episode 3) Universe Seasons 1-2 I own Infinity on DVD and Origins digitally,… Read more »

Lorna Dune
Lorna Dune
8 months ago

This is the order I use, based on a list I found online: Stargate: Origins Stargate theatrical film Stargate: SG-1 episodes 1.1 to 8.2 Stargate: Atlantis episodes 1.1 to 1.15 Stargate: SG-1 episodes 8.3 to 8.20 Stargate: Atlantis episodes 1.16 to 2.1 Stargate: SG-1 episodes 9.1 to 10.2 Stargate: Atlantis episodes 2.2 to 3.4 Stargate: SG-1 episodes 10.3 to 10.12 Stargate: Atlantis episodes 3.5 to 3.19 Stargate: SG-1 episodes 10.13 to 10.20 Stargate: The Ark of Truth Stargate: Atlantis episodes 3.20 to 5.1 Stargate: Continuum Stargate: Atlantis episodes 5.2 to end Stargate: Universe season 1 Stargate: Universe “Kino” webisodes #1-30… Read more »

8 months ago
Reply to  Lorna Dune

I like this list a lot, Lorna. Some fans over on the YouTube comments have suggested similar orders, which has the advantage of keeping the two-parters and other multi-part arcs together. I think what I’d like to do is a follow-up video with an “optimized” viewing order like this one. Thanks for posting!

8 months ago

Hello, If it is useful, I made a chronological list of the Stargate series episodes a long time ago for the French Stargate forum, “Stargate Fusion”. I’m posting it here just in case: Stargate Stargate SG-1 Seasons 1-7 Stargate SG-1 Seasons 8-10 / Stargate Atlantis Seasons 1-3: 8×01 New Order 1/2 8×02 New Order 2/2 1×01 Rising 1/2 1×02 Rising 2/2 8×03 Lockdown 1×03 Hide And Seek 8×04 Zero Hour 1×04 Thirty-Eight Minutes 8×05 Icon 1×05 Suspicion 8×06 Avatar 1×06 Childhood’s End 8×07 Affinity 1×07 Poisonning The Well 8×08 Covenant 1×08 Home 8×09 Sacrifices 1×09 Underground 1×10 The Storm 1×11… Read more »