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GateWorld is a news and entertainment site devoted to exploring and enhancing the science fiction fandom experience. All personal information you submit will be held in strict confidence.

Some site features are only available for those users who choose to submit an e-mail address: registering at GateWorld Forum; registering to post a comment on a news story; signing up for our e-mail newsletter; and entering a contest or sweepstakes. You may also include an e-mail address when sending us feedback or a letter to the editor, but it is not required if you do not wish to receive a reply.

Additional information, including full name and postal address, is required to sign up for a free “[email protected]” e-mail account. Our Web-based e-mail service is hosted by, and your use is subject to their privacy policy and user agreement. At no time does GateWorld have access to this information, beyond the “” e-mail address you create.

GateWorld Store is hosted by Yahoo! Stores, and also uses a third party company for credit card payment processing. Yahoo! uses industry-standard SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to protect your personal and payment information. Your use is also subject to Yahoo! Stores’ privacy policy. GateWorld uses the information submitted, including credit card number, only to process your order. Records are not retained by GateWorld after your order is complete (though some information may be associated with your Yahoo! account).

GateWorld is committed to protecting the privacy of its users. Your personally identifiable information, including name, e-mail address, postal address, or phone number, will not be sold or disclosed to any third party, except as necessary to fulfill an order at GateWorld Store, or in cooperation with law enforcement.

Occasionally, GateWorld partners with other companies to bring you contests and sweepstakes. These submission forms may include one or more “opt-in” checkboxes, which allow you to request further communication from that partner. In those cases your personal information is shared with that partner ONLY at your request; it is not retained by GateWorld unless you also opt-in to our own e-mail newsletter. GateWorld is not responsible for the privacy standards and practices of these companies, so be sure to review their own privacy policies and terms of service before opting in. If you do not opt-in, your information is not retained past the drawing of a winner for that contest (except to contact contest winners and for prize fulfillment).

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GateWorld does not track the browsing habits of individual users. GateWorld Forum does use a “cookie” — a small file saved by your Web browser with your personal details — to store your forum log-in username and password, as well as to keep track of when you last logged in and which threads and posts you haven’t read yet. If you’d rather not use cookies, you can disable them in your browser’s Options menu. If you decide to do so, however, some Web site and forum features may not work properly, and you may find that you have trouble staying logged in.

U.S. law requires that Web sites may not collect information of any kind — including an e-mail address — from children under 13 years old without their parent’s consent. If you are under 13, be sure to get your parent’s permission before e-mailing us, submitting a letter to the editor, posting a comment, or signing up for the newsletter or for a “[email protected]” e-mail address. GateWorld Forum is restricted to fans 13 years or older. GateWorld’s contests and sweepstakes are restricted to fans 18 years or over.

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