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Richard Dean Anderson will be on Stargate Universe

Thursday - April 2, 2009

UPDATE: We’ve confirmed that Michael Shanks and Amanda Tapping are not shooting Stargate Universe on Monday.  The story below has been updated.

He led SG-1 through the gate for eight seasons, and helped launch Stargate Atlantis five years ago. Now Richard Dean Anderson is set to bring Jack O’Neill back to Stargate with what sounds like multiple appearances on Stargate Universe.

“Rick is doing episodes of Universe,” series co-creator Brad Wright told GateWorld exclusively today. “He was just here yesterday shooting an episode of Universe with us. So that relationship is always on-going, and it’s good to have him back.”

The show’s fifth episode is currently filming, and is likely one in which Anderson will appear. It’s not clear yet whether this is “Earth” — which was previously indicated to be sixth for the season, and had a hint of O’Neill’s return in the casting documents — or the episode we currently have listed as fifth, “Water.” “Earth” certainly makes more sense.

Will Anderson help kick off the show by also appearing in the first episode, as he and Michael Shanks (“Daniel Jackson”) did with Atlantis?

Later the same day (today), former Stargate SG-1 co-star Gary Jones (“Walter Harriman”) appeared on stage at Creation Entertainment’s official Stargate convention in Vancouver, and told fans that he is appearing in an episode of SGU with Anderson. He noted that General O’Neill will have been promoted to 3-star general for the episode they filmed together.

Jones didn’t specify which episode it was, but he also noted that he (Jones) was asked to appear in the SGU premiere, “Air.” So, if you’re keeping score at home, Jones should appear in “Air” and Anderson is likely for “Earth” — while Anderson is possible for “Air” and/or Jones is possible for “Earth.”

Confused? Stick with GateWorld this week and through the weekend for more news from the Vancouver Stargate convention! Stargate Universe is now filming for a fall premiere on SCI FI Channel in the U.S.

Darren created GateWorld in 1999, and today is the owner and managing editor. He lives in the Seattle area with his wife and three children. (More)

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  • OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG ty ty ty ty ty
    RDA is what the new series needs + daniel
    + sam and teal’c

    Also its not to late to do SG-1 season 11 after the two movies uno find more azguard and some toulan or maybe knox ppl

  • This makes me ridiculously happy – especially the idea of O’Neill showing up in multiple episodes. Hurray!

  • A Honshuu

    I’m really sorry but not even the whole of SG-1 could make me any happier about this show being the reason SGA was cancelled. I’ve already said I’ll give them the pilot — if it hasn’t hooked me by the end of that —
    I’m just waiting for the SGA movies and it had better be plural!

  • FAN-FREAKIN’-TASTIC!!! Oh man, I am sooooo over the moon at this news!!! It’s always a joy and a pleasure to see Richard Dean Anderson back as “Jack O’Neill”!!! A great actor playing a great character in what I’m sure is gonna be a great series!!! Roll on “Stargate: Universe”!!! :) :) :)

  • YIPPY !!!!!!! RDA back. i still have reservations about SGU, but i just may have to watch a few extra episodes just to see SG1 team. bring them back more so i can watch more … the whole SG1 team. throw in the SGA team too. SG1. SGA. SG1. SGA. where’s Samantha Carter. where’s Daniel and T’ealc.

  • Lieutenant General Jack O’Neill? Holy Buckets! If they have the entire SG-1 team in the Pilot i would be in stargate heaven.

  • just think … if it were the whole SG1 and SGA teams all show up in SGU, then think how wonderful that episode would be. it’d be an all star cast. SG1 SGA SGU all blended together. that would be the absolute most coolest thing they could possibly do and would absolutely never have been done before. i for a SG1 SGA SGU complete full teams episode.

  • SG1 + SGA + SGU show would be absolutely wonderful. i vote for doing it.

  • Is it just me, or does it seem like O’Neill’s being promoted insanely fast? I mean, I know he’s head of Homeworld Security now, but he’s gone from colonel to three-star general in six years.

  • let’s promote RDA again … let’s take him from general up to Mr. President :)

  • RDA as President much better than having shrubs in that role.

  • This is great news. O’Neill AND Walter. Now we know that regardless of the ‘new direction’, whatever that turns out to mean, it’s still going to be Stargate, and there’s still going to be at least some connection with Earth. This should ally fears that it might seem too ‘Voyager-like’. These are still people from the SGC, and they’re gong to be doing their best to get them back and leave no man behind. Excellent! Congratulations on the promotion, General O’Neill!

  • Interesting that they are going to be on SGU since this was to before the other gates took place.

  • Ooh, a promotion. That’s exciting! I’m really glad to see RDA come back for a few episodes.

    And actually, although he is going up the ranks pretty fast, there is no “required” time in each rank above 0-7, if I recall correctly. The general officers are nominated for promotion by the president and confirmed by the senate. It’s very political…

  • I’m assuming this means the SGC can still call the ship periodically but the ship can’t dial back. Makes sense.

  • I like RDA and the other SG1 actors, but they sure are going all out to bribe former Stargate viewers into watching SGU!

  • In response to Kate Carter.
    I always felt O’neill as well as Carter weren’t promoted quickly enough. He should be a 4 star General by now after all he has done for earth compared to all the other Generals in the Airforce.

  • I look at it from this perspective; The only way you’ll see the original sg1 characters are through flashbacks. Nothing wrong with that…The show will get more respect if it’s done in that manner. Agree to disagree?

  • If stargate wasn’t on the scifi channnel I would’nt watch the network.(BSG and Eureka excluded) Because sci has this mystical number of five seasons. If a show is successful it’s shelf life is five years. Think about it. What show has lasted longer than that on that network? Its cheap and it needs to change. Free your mind and your ass will follow! Listen to the people who really care. Friday nights are big for the scifi. keep in mind the demographic, most don’t stay home on a friday night. It’s an dvr era. Keep that in mind before cancelling a top show. Sg1, Atlantis, Farscape, etc…..

  • I always liked Rick as Jack and im glad he’s back for “multiple episodes” i hope amanda and michael get to come back to SGU for the pilot and or earth cause we already know that michael is in the pilot. and im hoping rick is in it as well.

  • Yeeees :))) That’s the best news about SGU ever! Now I will definitely watch it, if only to see RDA… and Walter of course ;)

  • Yes RDA!!! I quess they really changed there mind about having SGU loss from other Stargate series!
    Great to have RDA on SGU for one or maybe more episodes!

  • So, let me get this straight – according to TPTB, SGU is a stand-alone show, not another spin-off but two SG-1 stars were already announced to guest-star on the show. It’s an original concept but Destiny’s situation is quite similar (almost identical) to Atlantis’ S1 (no way to get home, taking in refugees etc. – the only thing that’s missing is a friendly alien).


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