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Producer reveals Atlantis movie title

Saturday - May 16, 2009
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UPDATE: Mallozzi has confirmed the working title for the Atlantis movie. The report below has been updated accordingly.

The Stargate Atlantis movie now has a finished script and a working title, executive producer and co-writer Joseph Mallozzi reported on his blog this week. Mallozzi teased fans that the movie title may be revealed over the weekend.

Today, this photo surfaced — at his dogs’ Twitter account, of all places!

The photo shows the on-screen title page of Stargate: Extinction. It’s the working title of the film, written by Mallozzi and Paul Mullie, who served as executive producers and show runners on the last two years of the television series.

The title is consistent with last year’s direct-to-DVD SG-1 movies, Stargate: The Ark of Truth and Stargate: Continuum — though it’s possible the studio may wish to keep “Atlantis” in the title to distinguish between the SG-1 and Atlantis films.

“It’s the working title,” Mallozzi added, “but I kind of like it because a) it’s story appropriate, b) a dynamic title, and most importantly c) not ‘Dark Gambit.'”

Stay tuned to GateWorld as the first Atlantis movie continues its way through the production pipe! Read more about it in GateWorld’s Movie guide.

(Thanks to Quade and Carrie for the tip!)

Darren created GateWorld in 1999, and today is the owner and managing editor. He lives in the Seattle area with his wife and three children. (More)

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  • haha! Check Ronon out in his new costume! I suppose his usual one was in the dry cleaners or getting a wash for the first time EVER during that photo shoot! Maybe the rest of the team, or City even can once and for all remove the nose-plugs! XD

    Seriously tho’… This is awesome news tbh! At least we have a lot more hope now that there may Actually Be an SGA Movie afterall!! Awesome!

    Thanks for the news Gateworld! And of course “Quade”! ;)

  • really works well as a title, though i think it should be Stargate Atlantis: Extinction though SG1 didnt get that treatment either.

  • This is terrific! Thank goodness we’re hearing some news about this movie FINALLY!! Now we just need to know when they are going to shoot it and finally release it. My guess…late 2010.

  • I guess that seals the fate of the wraith…or the Asgard? =/

  • I’d never trust Mallozzi with a secret. Give him another couple of months and he’ll have spoiled the entire movie.

    Have any of the actors signed on yet?

  • I’m still a doubting thomas though, don’t believe much that comes out of the mouths of TPTB ;-(. But that said it is the best bit of news to date, at least its going in the right direction. Something positive since the demise of Stargate as series anyway.

    But I wont believe it till the actors have confirmed they have been approached and or confirmed they are available.

    In them my trust lies, certainly not JM or Wright/Cooper!!! After all we have had Spin and lies before.

  • Where is this hot photo? I can’t any new ones?!?! Are you on about the one with all of them in water?

  • I think Jim and I are both talking about the photo at the top of this News Post carrollwoman! lol. ;)

  • this is news i totally wanted to hear sooooooo lookin forward to the movie can’t wait till the sc1 movie aswell

  • awsome title thanks for the info
    finally wraith will be defeate it once and for all
    and they will get extict hhhhhh

  • does any body know if it is going to be in theater or directley to DVD

  • Seems a positive step, but I am sceptical so we will just have to wait and see.

  • Have the actors confirmed yet whether or not they are available, as its all well and good having a “working title & script”.

    Besides this JM bloke doesn’t seem all that reliable. Hopefully if a movie goes ahead, it will show them HOW GREAT SGA is an they will bring it back as a series after all SGU is gonna sink without a trace ” ha ha

  • Interesting, but I also want to know if the actors have been asked if yes then I’ll be more excited.

  • I don’t trust TPTB I will believe it when I see it. They want to string us along with a little news here and there to keep us excited when all they really want is to get us to watch SGU well its great about the movie if it happens. I still won’t be watching sgu.

  • As I already said I’m a doubting thomas and I agree with Buddybear, it does feel a bit like stringing us along,to make us give SGU chance!

    I have no intention what ever the outcome re the movie to watch SGU.

  • Sounds like the usual,trying to appease the fans,keep the negativity away from the SGU door. As others have said I’ll believe when I hear the actor have been signed,I no longer have faith in what JM & others have to say, sorry! yeah this may be a ploy to get us to give SGU a chance.Thats still a no for me then.

  • What the hell is your problem Buddybear and Atlantis Rocks? There’s like five months before we even se the first episode of SGU and you are already bitchin and talking about how you are not going to watch SGU. Wait for it to air, look at the pilot and THEN decide what you think about it! Man I really don’t get you people! Bashing a show, that after all is MADE by the people behind SG1 and Atlantis! At least have the respect of watching the first episode before you spit on the creators faces!

  • I’ve gotta go with “Buddybear”, “Atlantis Rocks”, and “Chucknician” here. Here’s what I know: They’ve finished the first draft of a script and have selected a working title for a possible new SGA direct-to-DVD movie. That’s all well and good. I’ll be glad if it actually happens. But I’m STILL NOT going to watch SGU! :0p They blew the whole loyalty thing when they canceled Atlantis.

  • @Nikst
    Thanks BUT no, I’ve looked at the trailers, read the bio’s see the cast line up read interviews, have never liked Robert Carlyle. I’m basing my views on what I have read an seen, don’t like docu style filming. I could go on about what I don’t like so far, but this isn’t the place, if you want to PM me, I’ll happily give you a full break down. As I am sick to death of people telling me I should watch the pilot as its not been aired yet WHY!!!!!

  • I am very excited about the SGA movie, and, for the most part, loved SGA. I have absolutely no interest in SGU, based on what I have heard and my residual bad feelings from the cancellation.
    (Not sure why I should feel compelled to watch the new show, just because I enjoyed another one in the franchise?)
    I am waiting with much anticipaition for Extinction!

  • I hope the final/production title adds the word Atlantis somewhere as if Stargate Atlantis: Extinction or Atlantis: Extinction.
    Stargate alone is too generic, about teh franchise in general. I’m a fan of Stargate Atlantis fan, not a fan of the Stargate franchise in general.

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