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Producers have a ‘Plan B’ to get those Stargate movies made

Wednesday - September 29, 2010
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The producers behind the long-running Stargate franchise seem to be just about as bummed out as we are that the Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis DVD movies announced so long ago haven’t come to fruition yet.  (“Where are those d@&* movies?” has officially surpassed “When are we going to see the Furlings?” as the most asked question we receive from readers.)

Executive producer Brad Wright made a few comments about the state of the films — titled Stargate: Revolution and Stargate: Extinction, respectively — in a new interview with TV Deathray.

The gist: In spite of the demise of the direct-to-DVD market and MGM’s own financial strife, don’t count the Stargate movies out yet.

“The only thing that is blocking the SG-1 movie or the Atlantis movie, the only thing, is the fact that the direct-to-DVD market has gone away,” Wright said.  “We were very fortunate with Ark of Truth and Continuum to be among the last very successful direct-to-DVD releases before it all stopped happening. The market has changed, and it’s still changing, and it’s not what it was.  And, of course, there have been very big changes at MGM that kind of added to that.

“But we had the intentions to make them. We were ready to go, and it was ‘Wait a while’ and ‘We should wait a little longer’ — and the climate never got better. We held on to a lot of stuff and were ready to go for a very long time, but that doesn’t mean it’s not gonna happen. We have a plan B, and I’ve been talking with MGM about it, and hopefully we’ll still get our chance.”

Visit TV Deathray to find the complete interview, in which Wright also talks about Season Two of Stargate Universe and the big Atlantis crossover episode coming in the second half of the season!

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  • My day just stopped sucking & believe me, it was sucking REAL bad & wasn’t about to stop for just anything.

  • The Big Question is: What is plan B?
    I’m guessing Brad is going to try to convince Syfy to pay the total amount for making the movies since MGM is broke; like what they are doing with SGU…but what do I know.

  • And what is the news here? TPTB are saying all the time, that the SG1 and SGA movies will be made someday in the future. But they still don’t exist and I don’t think they ever will. After countless empty promises, I am going to assume, they will never be made, until they start to shoot the movies.

  • Errm, the direct-to-DVD market was replaced by the direct-to-internet market.

  • I was thinking that Plan B could be to convince MGM to sell the rights to the movies to a company that can start filming right away, but the idea of convincing Syfy to pay to get them filmed is plausable too.. it’s almost the same thing though Syfy is a NBC/Universal company and I heard somewhere (can’t remember where) that NBC/Universal would be interested in buying the franchise if MGM sells.. who knows.. I just hope the movies get made soon! I want a conclusion to Atlantis!

  • Surely there are many possibilities around for making the thing special and attractive. How about releasing 3D stuff ? Or something interactive ?

  • What about Direct-to-disk ? ;-)
    People come with their hard drive to the store and get a full definition and DRM-free movie to enjoy.
    Some are doing this in some french cinemas, it’s called “video en poche” :
    No need to press or burn and ship DVDs ;-)

  • *raises glass* Here’s to Plan B and hoping that something happens soon for the next Stargate movies! I wish Brad Wright the very best of luck in his discussions with MGM!

  • Darren

    @psw: I think the new development in these comments is that the direct-to-DVD (or Blu-ray, i.e. home “video”) market isn’t just down — and MGM will be more willing to green-light the Stargate movies once it comes back up. It’s that that particular market is dead as a primary distribution channel. (So we all got lucky that AOT and Continuum were made in that short window when it was viable.)

    It’s interesting to speculate what the alternatives might be. Either you go traditional, and get the network to foot a bigger portion of the bill (licensing fee, the same way SGU gets paid for) — or you go untraditional and come up with an online business model you think will pay for the (probably lower) production costs.

  • I’m really hopeful that they make them.

    I just have 1 question. They sold the whole SGC in the PropWorx auctions, what they heck would they do about that?

  • Why not make something like a 3 or 6 episode mini-series event? SyFy and MGM could foot the bill. They could still release to DVD or paid subscription on internet after the mini-series airs. Big problem with on-line is pirating.

  • So what Brad is saying is contrary to what Joe Said? “No Chance of Movies being made if SGU Tanks”. So is this another “carrot”, or a pie-in-the-sky Statement to pique the interest of the fast dissapearing SG Fandom? stats certainly does not show the “add 1.6 mil to already existing 1.6mil” scenario when it was hard pressed 90% of the time to get that original 1.6mil to watch.

  • This is just another example of a company slow or not willing to change with the times.

    As jon889 pointed out, its gone to a direct to download market and MGM seems stuck in a mindset that it must be DVD sales or nothing. Off hand I can think of several online avenues that they could use to host the film.

    1. Netflix: this is the most obvious. They could do both the DVD rental approach and the instant.

    2. Zune: Through the Xbox 360, there is a huge liberary of videos to choose from.

    3. Im not sure what the other consoles use but im sure they have similar services.

    I really doubt any remaining star gate movies will be made unless MGM is willing to get rid of its current mindset when it comes to DVDs.

  • Darren

    To be fair, I think it’s not so much a matter of shaking loose a mindset about physical media sales as it is making sure that this very new business model is going to work.

    Studios are accustomed to Netflix, Zune, Hulu, iTunes, Amazon, etc. being gravy on top of the DVD sales. To support a multi-million dollar production based solely on what has heretofor been residual (if ever-increasing) requires a whole lot of math, spreadsheets, and contracts with service providers.

  • Darren, I would like to see some investigative work on this, see if you can get Brad Wright to let up a little on what his plan B may entail.

  • It’d be fantastic to finally see those movies… but after this long, I’m not going to hold my breath.

  • I think Plan B will entail fan contribution.
    We, the fans, can purchase “bonds” in the movie up to the slotted price of a DVD. So in theory a fan like me can contribute $1-$20, and once the movie hits the shelves, I get whatever I put in off my copy. So if one were to purchase a $10 bond, the DVD will only cost another $5 to $10.
    Each movie can have its own bond, so someone who is itching to see a resolution to Atlantis, but can’t stand Claudia Black can still have their say.
    I know, bonds should generate a profit through interest, but I think we would all take just the movies being made. . . and maybe an autographed copy.

  • I can’t see them being made and I question the motive behind the sudden discussion of them at this time.

    I would much rather see a short broadcast+DVD mini-series made somewhat similar to what was done with the BB5 follow-on, Crusade and their movies, than some 90 minute flash in the pan — that’s all folks terminal Stargate effort. But I’ve read too many times that we’ve all growed up and moved on from the old Stargate to expect much more from Bridge Studios now.

  • A mini series with a tie in to all 3 shows would be awesome. Especially with all the actors from the previuos shows moving on to to other projects it would give them a way to compensate if certain people aren’t available. And since they still haven’t brought the Furlings into it, why not now? it would be a good way to tie them all together.

  • Could someone please explain to me why “…the direct-to-DVD market has gone away”? They have a pretty good idea how the DVDs will sell based on past sales of ‘Arc Of Truth’ and ‘Continuum’. So what’s the problem? And what is this “Plan B”, anyway? Also, is a mini-series out of the question? I’m not an industry insider (obviously) but it seems that if they really wanted to make movies, they’d have done so already.

    I happen to like Claudia Black.
    What’s not to like?

    While I have your attention (or not), it seems to me that a person’s opinion on the various aspects of Stargate is heavily dependent on gender and age. Knowing where an opinion comes from puts the entire comment in perspective. I can do this in a face-to-face conversation but here in the forums, I can’t tell if I’m reading the opinions of a 45-year-old-man of a 15-year-old girl. And, yes, it makes a difference, a HUGE difference.

    Comments, anyone?

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