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GateWorld Podcast: ‘Life’

Thursday - November 26, 2009
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SGU "Life" - Ancient chair Visit the GateWorld Podcast page for more about the show!

Stargate Universe heads into its final episodes of 2009 with “Life,” last Friday’s new and somewhat controversial episode. GateWorld’s own Darren and Tame are talking about the ins and outs of the episode in this week’s podcast. What do we think of gay characters on SGU, and how Camille and Sharon’s relationship was portrayed? How about the surprises in store for Lt. Scott and Colonel Young when they returned home to Earth? And just what is that chair on the Destiny all about? There’s a lot to discuss in this episode, which turned from more traditional sci-fi back to the drama well.

We’ll also hear what listeners have to say about “Life,” as well as more on last week’s stellar episode, “Time.” And we’ll nitpick a bit about this week’s episode in the Quibbles segment.

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This Week’s Listener Question:
What do you think of the inclusion and portrayal of sex on Stargate Universe? Has it been appropriate for learning about these characters – or gratuitous and unnecessary?

Leave us a voicemail on the GateWorld Podcast Hotline any time, day or night, and we’ll play some of your responses in the next podcast! Please note that we have a new phone number! Just dial:

(951) 262-1647
(Long distance rates apply)

Listeners outside the U.S. can use Skype to call for just 2 cents per minute. Or, record a brief message on your computer and e-mail the MP3 or WAV file to us.

You can also leave a comment below, or post on the Podcast Feedback thread at the forum.

Next Episode: Sex on SGU. Call the podcast hotline or e-mail us an audio recording by Monday to share your views.

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  • The Icarus planet did have a Naquadria core, it’s explained in one of the Daniel Jackson ‘exposition’ video’s.

  • Yes, agree with Sylvia! Great to have you back Tame! You should definitely be on the next podcast. That topic needs several voices…
    It was good to hear both of you – first time just you two doing a podcast, I believe. Of course, we miss David but this only goes to show that any combination of you guys works very well.

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