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GateWorld Podcast: Stargate Year-In-Review

Wednesday - December 16, 2009
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Darren and David - SG-1 Gate Visit the GateWorld Podcast page for more about the show!

We’re wrapping up 2009, a big year of transition for the Stargate franchise, on this week’s podcast! Darren and David will look back on the last 12 months, from the final bow of Stargate Atlantis in January to the SGU premiere, our trips to the Stargate conventions in Vancouver and Chicago, Comic-Con, plus the long lead-up to the start of the third Stargate series. We’ll also get David to weigh-in on “Justice,” and hear from some listeners on their personal Stargate high-points of the year.

Our last show of the year wraps up with a special treat for Stargate fans: “PX-75309,” a Stargate parody song by the band Sci-Fried! To hear more and learn about the band, visit them at Happy Holidays, and we’ll see you in 2010!

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DiscussionStargate Year-In-Review

This Week’s Listener Question:
What is the single greatest strength and the greatest weakness of Stargate Universe so far?

Leave us a voicemail on the GateWorld Podcast Hotline any time, day or night, and we’ll play some of your responses in the next podcast! Please note that we have a new phone number! Just dial:

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Next Episode: SGU So Far. Call the podcast hotline or e-mail us an audio recording by January 4 to share your opinions about the start of Stargate Universe!

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COMMENTS (17):Rules | Report Comment | Trackback

  • More like disaster in review. The year they killed Stargate.

    That said, thanks for all the hard work D&D in building the site and keeping the bag of cats under control. Never think it’s not appreciated. Even by us heretics.

  • Heretic #3 here.. Where’d we go to bitch, moan and complain, if not here? Thanks for having us and giving us also a place to voice our opinion.

  • Thanks D&D for great podcasts and a super great site. (Just checked out the video part the other day – it works great even with my slow connection)
    I’m sort of heretic #4 then because SG1 will always be my first love, after Star Trek. However, I find that SGU is ok-ish and will definitely keep watching.
    It’s good to have a site that encompass both SG lovers and SGU non-lovers.
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to D&D and all of you.

  • Heretic #5. Think this year is the beginning of the end for the franchise. First Universe, and then MGM went and died. (So, no more DVD Movies.) That said, thanks for Gateworld. We’ve had many good years of having a great Stargate site to turn to.

  • Heretic #5 signing in also to say thanks to D&D everyone else responsible for this super Stargate web site. We know that all the effort you people put into this site is a labor of love because it shows. Don’t let our (we “Heretics”) disappointment over the loss of SG-1 and Atlantis and a lackluster Universe reflect on the gratitude we have for all of you and the people at The Bridge Studios. Here’s to a better 2010 for all.

  • I echo the sentiment of the previous posts: thanks to Dave & Darren for the site and providing us SG fans with a forum to voice our opinion (regardless of your preference).

  • Really? If you go by the internet, the SGU fans would be the heretics rather than the detractors. Regardless something isn’t right because it’s popular but it isn’t wrong either.

    [email protected] That’s what they said when Atlantis came on, and seasons 9-10 of SG-1.-

    I really liked Atlantis up until the last season, when they drove it into the ground. After such disillusionment all the bad points of the show became apparent. I’m glad it’s done.

    p.s. Vegas was a stupid episode.

    SGU’s greatest strength is its fresh new direction. Its greatest weakness is its fresh new direction.

  • @Gaeth Different strokes for different, strokes – I thought Vegas was brilliant, probably the best episode of the entire franchise!

  • ^ ack, should have been different strokes for different folks…
    (wishes there was an edit function)

  • Well…I can’t comment on the whole series because here in Australia I’ve only seen one show.
    Unfortunately I won’t be watching another one.
    If the creaters wanted to create another show they should have had the gutts to do it, without trying to suck us in calling it Stargate.
    The show has none of the fun it’s fore runners had.
    There isn’t one character I wouldn’t like to throttle, what a thoroughly unlikable bunch.
    I truly can’t believe they cancelled Atlantis for this.

  • @lucyg

    I find the characters of Johansen to be very likable, but I will be sad to agree with you regarding literally all the other characters.

    I do feel bad for the actors. I do think they’re doing very good acting, but, alas, the roles are pathetic.

    They also have to live with all the contempt for the show when it’s completely not their fault, but rather the writers/producers.

    Hopefully their talent will be appreciated in the future, in better shows they will act in.

  • The franchise ended in 2009 for me and it’s quite sad that it was the actual creaters of the show that killed it. SGU is not Stargate and if the ptb wanted to go in a completely different direction then they should have done a spin off and not dragged the Stargate name into their new show. You cannot change something so drastically and then try and insist its still the same thing.

    Its almost like the ptb are trying to erase SGA from their minds as if it never existed. Their lack of interest in their previous incarnation was pretty obvious by the lack of attention to most of their cast, and then their subsequent condesending attitude to the show in general. It would have been nice to hear a thank you to the actors that worked so hard to bring Brad Wright and Rob Cooper to where they are today instead of their dismissive attitude to the show and its actors and their insistance that the prsent actors and show are so much better than what came before. Well for me they are wrong on both accounts.

    The tpb cancelled a sucessful show for a boring angst fest of soap opera drama, wrapped in a thin veil of scifi. For me SGU has just taken away everything that made the franchise great and its telling how many times I read that the new fans of SGU didn’t like anything about the previous shows. So all the ptb have succeeded in doing is substituting one audience for another, who seem to prefer soap opera melodrama over action adventure science fiction. I wonder how long they will appeal to this new audience.

  • I like to say thanks to D&D for all your hard work; especially with the Omnipedia

    Being a big Atlantis fan I still feel very angry that the show I loved was axed for a soap opera.

    Over the years I have bought the box sets for all five seasons of Atlantis so that I can watch it when I like; but I won’t be buying the complete (Seasons 1-5) box set until it comes out on Blue-ray. Maybe you could ask tpb how much longer we have to wait for that.

    Oh, and Vegas was a great episode… if tpb really wanted to do something different they should have spun off the Vegas!verse as a series. :)

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