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Stargate ratings up for ‘The Greater Good’

Wednesday - November 10, 2010
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The first ratings numbers are in for “The Greater Good,” the game-changing seventh episode of Stargate Universe‘s new second season.  The episode gave SGU a slight boost in viewership, with an estimated 1.074 million viewers tuning in to learn about the true nature of Destiny‘s mission, according to a reliable GateWorld Forum source.

That’s an improvement of 11 percent over last week, when the show faced the midterm election coverage in the U.S. and the ratings powerhouse Dancing With the Stars.

This week Dancing drew 16.96 million viewers to ABC, ahead of NCIS: Los Angeles‘ 15.62 million on CBS. 6.75 million people tuned in for NBC’s 2-hour The Biggest Loser from 8 to 10 p.m. And FOX picked up 5.77 million and 2.83 million for its sitcoms Raising Hope and Running Wilde (respectively) in the 9 p.m. hour.

On Friday last week, Sanctuary — Syfy’s only other original scripted drama currently airing — brought in 1.257 million viewers.  That’s down 15 percent from the previous week.

Sanctuary also appears to be drawing strongly from the under-18 demographic that tunes in for WWE Smackdown: it’s household rating this week (0.8 HH) was double its rating in the all-important 18 to 49 demographic (0.4 HH).

SGU‘s ratings were a 0.7 HH and 0.4 HH in the demo this week. (Note that this is not on the same scale as Syfy’s coverage ratings, which we have reported for SG-1 and Atlantis in the past.)

Next week we’re heading into the final three episodes of SGU‘s fall season!  Grab your popcorn and don’t miss the manhunt in “Malice,” written and directed by Robert C. Cooper and filmed on location in New Mexico.  The episode airs next Tuesday at 9 p.m. (8 Central) on Syfy Channel.

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  • Well, it’s less than I hoped for, but much more that I expected. Also it’s proof that last weeks down was due of elections, not people avoiding SGU in masse.

    So now task is to hold this number and increase it for next three episodes. If it is done, then I think there are chances to get S3. Let’s cross fingers and pray.

    p.s. btw, avoiding all spoilers, Rush anger in next week’s episode is something to see – Carlyle at his best. We will have two superior actors playing true revenge game. Must see.

  • Ah, but we’re playing stats again. The numbers were so low that a small increase yields a high percentage. Barely edging over a million there’s no election to blame and this was preceded by some guerilla marketing, a major convention, and “please watch my show” pleading as well. This isn’t a big spike for what was hailed as the “discover the bridge and mission” episode these past few weeks.

    Unless someone wants to blame the ratings on the superior conjunction of Saturn last night, a cable outage in Indianapolis, or Obama’s Indonesia trip I think this show is in dire straits.

  • It’s an uphill battle. On other sites I visit I hear a lot of negative comments towards SGU. I think the first season made a bad first impression with a lot of folks and it’s really hard to break that once it’s out there. I think season 2 is a big improvement but I can’t see this show really pulling in much better numbers. Hopefully we’ll get enough for a 3rd season.

  • Mentat: registering just under 1.1 is not a “barerly edging over a million” in my humble opinion.

  • The best thing they could do for the show at this point is to toss the damn communication stones out the airlock. I’m not saying that’ll save the show, but it sure would make it a lot less frustrating to watch.

  • And it sure ain’t 1.6 or even 2.6. Or the 1.6+ 1.6 that was to happen in some peoples minds.

  • To Pecisk: what proof is elections ?
    usealy more people watch if there is something to watch , like this week episode was one of the best in this season and 2 last episodes got less ratings cause they were to boring to most of the people to just watch it

    this sgu was ment for younger oudiance but the outcome was to drama and to big brother like that is to boring for younger oudiance … they should make more episode like this was and less of the pointless drama fillers
    in sg1 and sga the filler episodes were good to but most of the show was with optimism with happy toughts and good guys won in the end of a day

  • [email protected] Es inglesa su lengua materna, o son español? Sólo preguntar.

  • And if they kill off Ginn/Mandy for no good reason whatsoever, the ratings will be right back in the toilet again. (not to say, it aint already there)

  • Jenks: it appears so. Forums and site itself have been so many times down – it gives a funny feeling that someone tries to DoS it regularly or something :)

  • Darkthunder: What qualifies as “good reason”? Call me one noble and peaceful death in Stargate Universe. Right, there is no one. Life is harsh. Question is – is this good plot wise? It will hurt a lot for Rush and Eli, but it will also give them an edge which will drive them to do heoristic stuff.

    And btw, does old pals from SG-1 or SGA had private life? Right, none. Loved ones – all dead, all gone.

    It is just how SGU does things slowly makes so big emotional impact.

    Raitings wise – well, if next episode will be good, then their (possible) deaths won’t have such big impact.

    p.s. in the end, yes, I love both Ginn and Mandy and I will be see them sad to go. But all good things in live it comes to end.

  • Well i Did some Numbers the First season of SGU had an average of 2.0995 Viewers for the first 6 eppy’s the Second Season is down to 1.249 thats nearly a 50% Loss do you Honestly think its going to get a second season. I mean really they tried and failed he had to beg and plead “Please watch my show” …. enough said

  • Eagalis: well, maybe numbers is down because – shocking – it is Tuesday and lot of people don’t watch show live because it is too much going on?

  • Eagalis, they *didnt* lost viewers, they all went DVR, because there are three major series going on Tuesdays.

  • @Pecisk: No they didn’t. The DVR numbers are still the same: approximately 500k. The same as during S1, there was no uptick. People who stopped watching didn’t time-shift, they just dropped the show. Or they watch it elsewhere/during a time period that’s not measured by Nielsen. None of that will help the show get renewed.

  • katikatnik: I know that they count only DVR numbers who view it same night, so later doesn’t count. But there is lot of indication that it is what exactly happens – lot of people watch it much later than same night.

    Anyway, it will get renewed or not, I won’t argue because I’m enjoying SGU anyway – in my humble opinion there is no lost viewers. Just people record it and watch it much later. Which of course sucks for raitings.

  • How is SGU fairing elsewhere?, like Canada for example. There is more to this than just ratings in the USA, This is aired all over the world and future DVD/BD sales are also a factor.
    Science Fiction has rarely been a massive ratings pull, even ST-TNG when it aired here in Australia started 7.30pm,then quickly moved to a 11pm and later timeslot.
    Ratings are only part of the picture, not the be all and end all of SGU’s existence.

  • First off, let me say…I hope SGU gets at least one more season. I think if the show isnt kicking ass by then…then it’s probably a lost cause.

    But I am concerned. This newest ep was good and it showed some real potential but Joe (Exec Prod) has said some troubling things on his blog over the last few months. Things like, he doesn’t like the Ancients as a general concept, which he dismisses as not a problem since “there are plenty of writers on staff who like them” but when the guy in charge dislikes one of the core concepts of the show he’s working on…that just can’t be a good thing.
    Another comment was that he preferred self contained stories rather than the ones drawing on franchise history. SGU isnt really a good fit in that regard either. And recently when he was talking about the possibility of SGU getting cancelled…he said something like after so many good years on the show he didnt feel like he’d have room to complain…which, while not knocking the show, sounds kind of resigned to the inevitable. Kind of like he has one foot out the door. I think he even mentioned other projects he would move on to pretty quickly. Nothing is worse for morale on any kind of job than hearing your boss planning his next project once this one tanks. (Rick Berman anyone?)

  • @Pecisk: “But there is lot of indication that it is what exactly happens – lot of people watch it much later than same night.”

    You are talking about the Live+7 ratings. And they are still the same. DVR: 500k viewers who watch the show in the next 7 days after the first airing. Still the same number as during S1. Lost viewers didn’t time-shift to a period measured by Nielsen.

    And Nielsen measures Live Raw, Live+SD (what we get the next days), C3 (what the advertisers are interested in) and Live+7 (how many people watched the show in 7 days after the first airing).

  • @Pecisk: As it was posted by Briangate in GW’s forum:

    Live + SD

    Intervention – 0.9 HH Rating (1.2 Million viewers)
    Aftermath – 0.8 HH Rating (1.1 Million viewers)
    Awakening – 0.9 HH Rating (1.2 Million viewers)
    Pathogen – 0.8 HH rating (1.0 Million viewers)
    Cloverdale – 0.8 HH rating (1.0 Million viewers)

    Season to date: 0.9 HH rating (1.1 Million viewers)

    Live + 7

    Intervention – 1.3 HH rating (1.7 Million viewers)
    Aftermath – 1.2 HH rating (1.6 Million viewers)
    Awakening – 1.3 HH rating (1.7 Million viewers)
    Pathogen – 1.1 HH rating (1.5 Million viewers)

    Season to date: 1.2 HH rating (1.6 Million viewers)

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