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Atlantis movie shelved ‘indefinitely’

Sunday - December 26, 2010

With news coming in last week that MGM (the studio that owns the Stargate TV franchise) has completed its bankruptcy restructuring and securing $500 million in new financing (story), the next big question is just which of Stargate‘s three series will get attention first — and in what medium.

In a new Q&A with fans on his blog, executive producer Joseph Mallozzi offers his take on where things currently stand for the future of Stargate Universe, the Atlantis movie, and beyond.

Mallozzi was clear that the end of SGU does not mean that time and money has now been freed up to put the Atlantis film into production.  Mallozzi co-wrote the script for Stargate: Extinction with Paul Mullie after the movie was first announced following SGA‘s cancellation in 2008.

“I’m sorry to say but the cancellation puts the brakes on whatever progress the SGA movie had made in the past month, shelving it indefinitely,” he said. “… Contrary to what some may think, the cancellation of SGU is very bad news for those looking forward to an Atlantis movie.”

Mallozzi didn’t speak to the next planned movie for the SG-1 team, tentatively titled Stargate: Revolution.  Executive producer Brad Wright had reportedly been working on securing the go-ahead for that film before MGM entered bankruptcy this fall.

He also said that a fourth television series in the franchise is not on the table at this point.  “A new Stargate series isn’t even being considered,” he said.  “… There are no plans to create or move forward on a new series.  We love the one we have now.”

The producers of SGU hope that Destiny's mission is not over yet.

That, of course, means that the producers still hope to find a way to finish SGU‘s storyline.  Mallozzi echoed Wright’s sentiments on this point (story).  “All options are being considered at this point, but a third season would be ideal,” Mallozzi said.  “We’re investigating all possible avenues.”

The Destiny sets will remain standing until all avenues have been exhausted, he said.

He said that, while the show’s ratings this season haven’t been good, the cancellation decision was surprising in its abruptness.  “Those early Season Two ratings were admittedly a downer.  The move to Tuesday night was not good for us (and, speaking to the franchise as a whole, the move from summer to fall did us no favors either) and I firmly believe that time-shifted viewing and internet downloads have bled off a significant portion of our younger, tech-savvy audience.

“Still, we held out hope and, as production continued on Season Two, positive word from various places gave us hope that the show would come back for, at the very least, a third and final season (much the same way Battlestar did).  Many of us were shocked by the abruptness of the cancellation decision.”

Read the full Q&A at Joseph Mallozzi’s blogStargate Universe returns with its final 10 episodes on Syfy this spring.

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  • I kept saying it over and over again cause I knew this would be the case. SG:U was a big revenue flow for the producers and for MGM. Now, without that revenue, the ability to try and make all those Stargate movies is going down the drain. Who knows now if there’s even the possibility of making the SG-1 movie now but I wouldn’t be surprised if it never seens the light of day. I would, however be extremely sad and disappointed as I am now…just not at all surprised.

  • Thats how it sounded to me as well. A very sad day for Stargate. 16 years of history.

  • THEY SHOULD NEVER HAVE CANCELED ATLANTIS IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!!! Look what you have done now. Atlantis was a much better show, had an established fan base, cheaper to make and had better ratings than SGU! Now because of their abysmal decision we are left with nothing.

  • I don’t think that either Mallozzi or Wright ever had any intention of making either movie. Now that their “baby” is dead, all they’re interested in is revenge. So, they’re taking all their toys and going home so that no one can play with them.

  • And now the Atlantis fanatics who were boycotting SGU get a taste of their own medicine. Well done boys.

  • I’ve watched Stargate from the very start and loved every minute of it. Stargate Universe was very different from the other two, but still a great show. Whilst it would be great to get the two scheduled films AND the third season of SGU, I’ll take whatever we can get at this point. If we can get even one of the films or some form of closure for Stargate Universe, then I’ll be happy!

  • @kvasirdor
    For the majority of SG1 and SGA fans, the franchise ended with SGA’s cancellation. Why should we watch a show that we don’t like and has none of the qualities of the previous shows that made us want to tune each week. Would you watch a show you didn’t like? Stop blaming us for stargate’s downfall. Blame TPTB for making the wrong decisions!!

  • It was already clear before SGU even started, that a SGA movie would never be made. So nothing really changed.

    I also don’t believe that there will be a SG1 movie. Too much time has past. It is too late for it.

    And SGU won’t get a 3rd season or a movie, because it was a huge failure. From a business point of view it just doesn’t make any sense to invest in a failed series. The ratings were simply horrible.

    So in short, I think SG1, SGA and SGU are dead. We won’t see anymore of them on TV.

    I just hope that the Stargate franchise will be revived sometime in the future with new PTB with fresh ideas.

  • SG1 was great, Atlantis may have been better. SGU was/is terrible. I only watched it out of loyalty to the franchise. But it’s like they can’t take a hint, these guys. Everyone wants to know where the SGA movie is. They don’t want more SGU. Take a hint!

  • I just don’t understand why you people are too aggressive to each other. Well i’ve been a fan of the franchise since 1998 and i like all its incarnations, it’s not fair to pull down all of it just because don’t like a particular series or movie.
    SG1 and SGA are good series, but also SGU. If you are a true Fan you must support the franchise, why? Because of the franchise is successful the chances of getting the movies done is much much greater.

  • The camaraderie, humor, playful sense of adventure, general optimism, patriotism, clever and often subtle industry self satire, good production values, decent character development of people with laudable characters, the really impressive capacity to switch from satire to “seriousness” (in the context of the show) that made Stargate SG1 such a pleasure, was, sadly, lacking in it’s descendent “SG Universe” ; may I suggest the original show be reconstituted ?
    I have read that the principals, the producers / writers, wanted to attempt something more serious; if I wanted depressive verisimilitude I would re-read Sartre or Dostoevsky; no thanks; I’m too old for that stuff. Worse, SGU was poor soap opera, full of unpleasant people doing unlikable things.
    Clearly the writers of SG1 know their movie culture; might I suggest they re-watch “Sullivan’s Travels” ?
    They had mastered Space Opera, and in the process brought to it social consciousnesses (the anti-slavery theme) and smart writing on religion, science, pop-culture, politics and sociology; all done in a way that gave depth to good old-fashioned escapism. And that’s what I’d like more of .
    SG1, with as much of the original cast as you can, again. Please.

  • SG1 was the best, SGA was very good but not quite as good because of some of the plot lines, SGU since the back half of season 1 and most of season 2 has been good.

    The simple fact of the matter is that nobody has made wrong decisions, the audience has simply not been enough to justify a t.v. show for stargate. The ratings for both later SGA and SGU were not at all good.

    I highly doubt we will see any movie as the sets no longer exist. SGU does not have the audience it would need to get any sort of closure.

    Most likely Stargate is gone from the air until a reboot many years in the future.

  • If anything, we are going to see a SG-1 movie before Atlantis or even a SGU movie now. SG-1 has been around the longest and is the most popular among the fans. SGA and SGU were both canceled due to poor ratings, SG-1 has a full 10 seasons and ended when the producers ended the show rather than having it pulled do to poor ratings.

  • It’s funny, I can’t remember if David or Darren said it in a podcast awhile back, but someone said the fan base can’t survive another rift (ala Jonas). Sadly, I think that is just what has happened and it’s the fault of TPTB unfortunately. At least Jonas is still liked as a character overall, but SGU is almost universally loathed (or loved by a small faction who seem to hate the old shows).

    I don’t hate SGU, as I haven’t watched enough of it (I quite after the pilot), but it’s funny to watch the fall out.

  • I love it. The Atlantis fanatics dish out all the hatred and venom against TPTB and the franchise because of SGU, and now that everyone is mutually screwed from seeing a Stargate future, they continue to bash everyone but themselves. Way to be classy folks!

    Look, I’ve said it before, and I’m saying it now– I LOVED SG-1 pre-season 9 the best, but I continued watching because in spite of the changes it was a great plot and show. I watched and loved Atlantis for the same reason. It was different and yet the same. The last season of Atlantis was incredibly rushed, and you can see it clearly if you take off the rose-colored glasses and accept reality. The ratings were falling off and was destined for cancellation as well if they hadn’t wrapped things up somehow.

    Now, I watched SGU because it was different, and in spite of it’s lack of similarity and a lot of inconsistencies, I still enjoyed it and where it seemed to be heading. I think the show could still be salvaged if they’d pick up the pace and added some action/comedy back into it. It doesn’t have to be SG1/SGA, but something a little closer would go a long way.

    However, the bigger picture point here is that those of you spewing venom against TPTB and the fans with dissenting opinions is disgraceful. You really need to learn to be respectful and constructive with your criticism.

  • (See how this works, folks? I say I enjoy the show but wish TPTB would make some changes to improve the show. I leave open the possibility of being more specific in future posts, but I do so without biting the hands that feed me.)

  • I’ve said before that I am not that big of an SGA fan myself (SG-1 all the way), but the way TPTB handled the whole situation with SGA and SGU (from the beginning) is reprehensible and inexcusable. The main venom being spewed has always been from TPTB themselves when they would trash talk their own fanbase and try to devalue them. Then they went on to say that it was the fans’ obligation to support the franchise regardless of whether they liked what was being produced or not. I think they have gotten what’s coming to them.

    If it’s the end of Stargate, it’s been a good run.

  • GT2L, I respect your position, but you have to understand that TPTB will never ever listen to what you have to say because they don’t care what the fans think. If they did, the franchise would be in a very different (better) place today. It’s sad to say, but it’s true unfortunately.

    No offense meant, but I think the whole COTG: Final Cut sums up the direction of the franchise quite nicely. It was something that didn’t need to be fixed or changed, but money that could have been put into another SG project was thrown at that for vanities sake.

    I see that as what has happened to the franchise in general. Ego and vanity has totally taken over, and TPTB think all their own ideas are brilliant. Sadly, the gate has pretty much already closed.

  • I’m a Stargate fan. I’ve watched all three shows. I’ve seen how the SGU haters have actively pushed for the cancellation of SGU. I’ve seen how some fans hoped that SGU would be cancelled in the deluded belief that their beloved SGA would be resurrected. Well folks here you go. I’ve said it many times in these comment sections. If you’re fan of Stargate support it. Don’t actively try to tear it down. Maybe you got what you wanted. Hope you’re happy. I’m sure some of you are. Fine you didn’t like SGU. I can deal with that but the constant whining from certain SGA fans has gotten beyond old. SGA was a good show. It had a good five years. Guess what though it wasn’t doing great in the ratings and was on the road to cancellation regardless. The producers decided to try something new and yes it was not a success for many reasons. You can QQ about it all you want but that doesn’t change the fact that all Stargate fans will be losing out if SGU does not continue in some form.

    If you want to see Stargate continue. Go buy SGU DVDs, SGA DVDs, and SG1 DVDs. Buy them for yourself. Give them as gifts to friends. Download from iTunes. If MGM sees there’s still money to made then Stargate will live on.

  • I just wish they come up with a way to finish of the SGU storyline properly. I’d hate if the entire series was left unresolved.

  • Who’s he kidding? We’ve all known for a very long time that the movies would never be made, especially the Atlantis movie, no matter what happened with SGU. Trying to link the two is just Malozzi’s way of getting another little dig in at the fans he has such ill-disguised contempt for. SGU was tedious at best and I couldn’t even make it through the first season; those of you who wag a finger at us and cluck that we should have been loyal little Stargate groupies and watched it anyway have way too much time on your hands. It’s a TV show, not a cult.


    sgu main failure was the first 10 episodes of pure slow soap drama and thats the main part where you collect viewers

    if you take a book to read , do you finnisht the book if the first 20 pages of it is all depressive and so on ? it is the same thing with tv show’s

    i dont count in the raitings cause i dont live in US where the channel is and is viewable so dont blame the old fans and so on if the show was on the channel what wanted it do be canceled in the first place … it’s a limited access channel and u need to have some device that counts your viewing and the channel made choices like moving it to fall and then to competition with other verry popular shows with the tuesday night

    the writers dont care about the show either … otherwise they would have ended the SGA show with a movie and made the ending what show deserved like sg1 got 2 movies to end the story … now they have 2 shows without proper ending

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