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Sanctuary cancelled after four seasons

Monday - May 21, 2012
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Syfy Channel won’t bring back Sanctuary for a fifth season, the network confirmed today.

“We’re honored to have been part of this incredible series,” Mark Stern, Syfy’s President of Original Content, told The Hollywood Reporter. “In addition to garnering unmatched devotion by fans worldwide, Sanctuary was a bona fide trailblazer, setting new standards with its highly innovative production techniques — including pioneering green screen and RED camera technology — and Emmy-nominated visual effects.”

Sanctuary began in 2007 as a privately-funded, limited run Web series before being picked up by Syfy in 2008.

Season Four concluded in December and, with no immediate pick-up, the cast and crew have begun work on other projects. Executive producer and series star Amanda Tapping is currently directing for the new series Primeval: New World, which also has Sanctuary‘s Martin Wood on board as a series producer and director.

Series creator Damian Kindler is writing a Universal Soldier television pilot (story), and co-star Christopher Heyerdahl (“John Druitt,” “Bigfoot”) has booked a recurring role on HBO’s True Blood, starting next month (story).

“To all the fans of @SanctuarySeries we love and adore you,” Tapping wrote on Twitter today. “Thank you for the love and support. Now to the long dark tea time of my soul.”

Tapping and Wood recently spoke candidly with GateWorld about the show’s uncertain renewal prospects, as well as their frustration over being moved to Monday nights last year.  After a ratings free-fall of more than 40 percent, Syfy moved the show back to the post-wrestling time slot for what would be its final season.  Season Four averaged 1.26 million viewers over 13 episodes last fall.

Listen to the full interview here.

Sanctuary‘s place on the fall schedule will be filled by the third season of Haven, bumped back from its usual place on the summer schedule.  Syfy has a number of scripted dramas in development, including Defiance and Rewind.

Darren created GateWorld in 1999, and today is the owner and managing editor. He lives in the Seattle area with his wife and three children. (More)

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  • And now there is absolutely nothing left for me to watch on Syfy. They have successfully killed the network….. Oh so sad.

  • I officially despise SyFy. Three quality franchises cut off at the knees before their time. Has anybody else noticed the lack of quality in the new series compared with Farscape, Stargate, BSG, Eureka, and Sanctuary, etc?

  • I haven’t watched all of the above series to judge, but I am saddened by this news.

  • “We’re honoured to have been part of it”… liars. They’re not proud of any of the amazing things they did in the past. Sanctuary… Galactica… SGU… Atlantis… SG1… FARSCAPE… they don’t care about any of it. Damn them. Damn the network to total collapse because that’s what they deserve.

  • I haven’t watched Sanctuary, but am sad for all its’ fans that it is not coming back. Syfy has fewer and fewer worthy shows left and I no longer watch the network. This show seemed to be a little bit of Stargate that lingered on and now that has finally been killed too. Very sad day for all.

  • “SyFy has a number of scripted dramas in development, including Defiance and Rewind” – uh, those are the ONLY new scripted dramas SyFy has in official development. AND WHY AREN’T THEY THINKING OF DOING A KICKSTARTER?! IT WOULD WORK!

  • It’s official then… once Eureka ends, there are ZERO shows on SyFy that I have to watch. Good bye SyFy… you suck!

  • Since I have all my Stargate eps on DVD now, I don’t have to look to SyFy for any more TV viewing *period*.

    I’ve officially signed off from Syfy as of today…

  • I used to have a reason to watch SyFy. Now a days,not so much.

  • Can’t say I’m surprised to be honest. When was the last time that Syfy didn’t try to kill off decent shows on their network?

  • SyFy and other Networks have pretty much killed what science fiction was on television.There will be the last 13 Episodes of Fringe on Fox.And there will be some more Eureka but other than those there is nothing I will really want to invest my time in watching seriously.
    I am now 56 and nearly every show I followed gets the Axe B4 it should of Ended.
    Someone needs to create a show and leave Hollywood out of the picture.Fund it on Kickstarter and each Season fill it with the stuff we all want for content and no cliffhanger Ending of a Season.
    INDIE Idea could work out great as we all want to watch something that does not get cancelled on a cliffhanger.

  • hewittor

    Another one bites the dust. I am pretty much done with Syfy (not SciFi) until Warehouse 13 returns…These idiots don’t know SciFi if it walked up and said, “HIGH I’M SCIFI”. Ratings are not everything damn it. This show wasn’t even doing bad.

  • Not only is there nothing for me to watch on the worthless SYFY network, I don’t even have it coming to me on cable any longer as I cancelled the package that it was part of some time back – after SGU had been cancelled and after the last season of Sanctuary. I hope that when Stargate returns one day as a new TV series, that a reputable network such as Showtime will be interested, as they once were and continued to be for 5 great years, in featuring Stargate SG1 when it first began. The Sci-Fi network once had innovative programs and a management that cared -now, they cancel their co-highest rated program – Eureka because it costs just a smidgen too much and they cancelled both SG1 and Atlantis for reasons other than ratings and have played weird games with many other series that have damaged their rating causes. I say that we all abandon what is now called SYFY (embarassed were they of the SciFi origin name) and hope that some new network springs up, as the SCI-FI once did that wants to focus on Science Fiction and not such idiosy as endless quasi-reality shows which, if you notice, almost all of them will do well if they follow one that does OK, but try to stand them on their own and they fail. Whatever, the Scifi network was taken over by twits, and SYFY in no way covers that ground, lets hope against hope that somehow a new real Sci-Fi network emerges again in the next year or few years but somehow sometime relatively soon.
    Sanctuary was an innovative program – 1.26 average audience given how the network treated it should have been good for renewal.They probably freaked with Amanda’s kiss.

  • Well, this is fairly depressing, at this point syfy hasn’t had a new show since Warehouse 13/SGU (whichever came later) that really got my attention. So Eureka is ending. And Warehouse 13 might get another season after this year, but probably not a 6th. Once Warehouse 13 is done, I will no longer tune in to Syfy. And at that, I DVR everything. The one plus, is that Amanda, Martin and Damian did a great job with the season 4 finale, and it actually serves as a good series finale… much better then SGU’s finale.

  • miketen

    It has been a long time since SyFy had a original idea for a scripted show, they even picked up Stargate from Showtime way back when. All of their current scripted shows came from outside the US.
    Maybe we need the SPACE sci-fi channel here in the US since SyFy barely airs sci-fi anymore…

  • 90% of what sci-fi (crap name syfy) shows is garbage…. it is ruined forever… how a network can screw it’s fans over so bad is beyond anything in my lifetime

  • To start, I don’t watch Sanctuary, because it’s just not my cup of tea. Honesty, this was not something unexpected. However, this proves that Syfy has no balls. It’s typical of them to drag it out, and announce it when they think others are not paying attention. It’s a slow, cowardly drawn out PR death for a series. Just once, I wish they would have some balls and announce that they won’t renew a series way in advance so that the producers, writers, and crew get a chance to have a proper send-off. They always do it in an inopportune time where there is essentially no way for the writers or producers to plan out an ending, or they’ve already finished filming things. In a way, I wished all shows on Syfy now would do the Ron Moore thing and just say, “F it, we’re going to end it our way, and not wait on the network at the end of every season.” Or do the Mad about You thing and have essentially 3 series finale.

  • I think the only series on Syfy that had a real series final was BSG. Other series had a season finale and was not renewed. Even Eureka is one of those shows where the network didn’t have the balls to make a decision and stick with it. First it was renewed, then it would be cancelled, then they were going to renew it for a half season, then it would be their final season, then they decided to add an extra episode for a series finale. Just pick something and go with it, because the indecisiveness frankly just plays with fans and pisses them off.

  • Hey as much as I despise SyFy, it isnt their fault that Sanctuary failed

    the entire creative team had four seasons to do something special with Sanctuary but they were too lazy. They killed off a good character that fans reacted badly too and they created a good character in Tesla but didnt do enough with him and got rid of Druit, the only other interesting character left after Ashley was killed.

    They failed to create good quality story arcs in the four or so years that it was in broadcasting and because of that the ratings have been declined ever since. Given the choice between the two I would have gladly seen Sanctuary cancelled instead of Stargate Universe which was much better quality story wise and acting wise.

    I’m sad to see it go, but that being said I’m glad it is because that means no more hoping for something better to come out of each episode.

    My only hope at this point is that they wont repeat these mistakes in the new Primeval show.

  • @Rivyn have you listened to the newest interview that Amanda and Martin did for gateworld? it pretty much sums up most of the things you just said hurt it, and they explained everything…

    Story arc – they never knew before they finished filming if they would get another season, which is why most of the arcs were 1 season long

    Jonathan Young (Tesla) – he is busy on stage so they had to work around his stage time, but thats also why we got to see more and more of him

    Druit – Its been so long since I watched season 4, but I don’t remember him going bye bye. I’ll have to rewatch.

    As for Quality arcs, I loved the Hollow Earth/Praxus story they did for a season and a half, and I found it to be better then most of what we saw in SGU until the final 10

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