Stargate Atlantis / Universe Anthology (Ongoing) #3

Stargate Atlantis / Universe Anthology (Ongoing) #3
RELEASE DATE: January 2019
PUBLISHER: American Mythology
STORY BY: Mark L. Haynes & J. C. Vaughn
ART BY: Eliseu Zeu Gouveia and Clint Hilsinki
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Two stories in one! Chuck and Walter's story continues, while "Eli's Game" pulls back more on life among the dysfunctional family on board Destiny.

Celebrate the return of Chuck and Walter with an awesome story expanding their adventure from the Stargate Atlantis “Hearts & Minds” arc! And the final part of “Eli’s Game” delivers a look at life on Destiny and the bonds between this dysfunctional spacefaring family.

Stargate Atlantis / Stargate Universe Anthology #3 comes with three covers: SGA Photo, SGU Photo, and Split SGA/SGU Flashback Limited Edition photo cover.

From American Mythology