Stargate SG-1 Episode Guide

Season One
AIR DATE: 1997-1998     
Stargate Command begins to explore the galaxy, making many new friends -- and new enemies.
Season Two
AIR DATE: 1998-1999     
The team encounters a Goa'uld resistance movement and forms an alliance with the Tok'ra.
Season Three
AIR DATE: 1999-2000     
Earth signs a treaty with the Goa'uld to prevent invasion, but the galaxy faces a new threat from Sokar.
Season Four
AIR DATE: 2000-2001     
Earth joins the fight against the Asgard's unstoppable enemy, and SG-1 discovers that the Russians have started a Stargate program.
Season Five
AIR DATE: 2001-2002     
A powerful new Goa'uld enemy threatens to annihilate Earth and its allies, while the System Lords renew their alliance.
Season Six
AIR DATE: 2002-2003     
Jonas Quinn joins SG-1, and the team faces the new threat of Anubis. The Asgard's conflict with the Replicators comes to a head.
Season Seven
AIR DATE: 2003-2004     
Daniel Jackson rejoins the team, which must find the Lost City of the Ancients to stop a terrible enemy.
Season Eight
AIR DATE: 2004-2005     
Jack O'Neill takes command of the S.G.C., while old enemies prove they can't be written off so easily.
Season Nine
AIR DATE: 2005-2006     
A new member joins the team, and SG-1 and Stargate Command are forever changed. A powerful new enemy from a distant galaxy targets the Milky Way Galaxy with demands for total submission.
Season Ten
AIR DATE: 2006-2007     
The Milky Way Galaxy stands on the brink of destruction as the Ori worshipers invade, led by the half-Ori Adria, and Vala Mal Doran joins SG-1 to try and help stop them.