Movie Comics

Stargate #1
Stargate the Movie
ISSUE #: 1 of 4     RELEASED: July 1996
An outcast archaeologist is hired to decript an ancient Egyptian artifact, sending him on an adventure across the known universe.
Stargate #2
Stargate the Movie
ISSUE #: 2 of 4     RELEASED: August 1996
Dr. Jackson successfully decripts the Abydonian language and tells his team of the people's history under a tyrannical ruler – just as that ruler returns.
Stargate #3
Stargate the Movie
ISSUE #: 3 of 4     RELEASED: September 1996
Ra, the Egyptian sun god, orders the execution of the Earth travelers, but they receive unexpected assistance from the Abydonian natives.
Stargate #4
Stargate the Movie
ISSUE #: 4 of 4     RELEASED: October 1996
Jackson finds a way to reconnect the Stargate with Earth, as the Abydonians and the Earthlings band together to overthrow Ra and save the planet.
Doomsday World #1
ISSUE #: 1 of 3     RELEASED: November 1996
When a second Stargate is detected in the South Pacific, a ragtag team is assembled to find and deactivate it before radiation poisons all of Earth.
Doomsday World #2
ISSUE #: 2 of 3     RELEASED: December 1996
The second Stargate is located on the Island of Doom, but before the team can attempt to deactivate it aborigines loyal to Ra stand in their way.
Doomsday World #3
ISSUE #: 3 of 3     RELEASED: January 1997
With all hope lost, the military evacuates the natives of the Island of Doom so they may destroy the Stargate with a nuclear warhead -- but not before more of Ra's warriors emerge ...
One Nation Under Ra
ISSUE #: 1 of 1     RELEASED: April 1997
An electrical storm above Creek Mountain forces Dr. Murphy's outbound wormhole to Abydos to transfer to another planet still ruled by a very-much-alive Sun God.
Rebellion #1
ISSUE #: 1 of 3     RELEASED: April 1997
In the wake of Ra's defeat, Hathor is freed from imprisonment and begins a systematic march upon his territories, claiming them for herself.
Rebellion #2
ISSUE #: 2 of 3     RELEASED: May 1997
As Abydan dissidents continue to impact the progress of Earth's mining operation, Hathor takes Ra's eye to investigate – and restore order – his last known location ...
Rebellion #3
ISSUE #: 3 of 3     RELEASED: June 1997
The Abydan people must band together to fight Hathor as she rains fire upon the settlement with Ra's Eye while simultaneously transporting her troops to Abydos through the Stargate.
ISSUE #: 1 of 1     RELEASED: May 1997
Jack O'Neill travels back through the Stargate to Abydos in the hopes of making contact with Daniel Jackson – and discovering why communication with the planet was abruptly lost.
Stargate: The New Adventures Collection (Trade Paperback) Stargate: The New Adventures Collection
Trade Paperback
RELEASED: December 1997
This volume collects the stories "One Nation Under Ra" and "Underworld."