Atlantis Novels

Pride of the Genii (Atlantis Novels) Pride of the Genii
A Legacy Novel
BY: Melissa Scott     RELEASED: August 2018
Chief Ladon Radim turns to Atlantis for help when the Genii's first starship disappears – before time runs out for her crew.
From the Depths (Atlantis Novels) From the Depths
BY: Amy Griswold     RELEASED: February 2018
When the aquatic life on Atlantis's adopted homeworld begins to threaten the city, Colonel Sheppard's team discovers that the creatures are both intelligent and able to communicate.
The Travelers' Tales (Anthology)
BY: Sally Malcolm (ed.)     RELEASED: June 2017
Ten brand new short stories take readers from the distant Pegasus Galaxy to the streets of New York City.
The Wild Blue
BY: Melissa Scott     RELEASED: June 2016
Ronon Dex returns to his homeworld of Sateda to help his people rebuild their civilization, and finds himself searching for a missing friend.
The Lost Queen
BY: Melissa Scott     RELEASED: December 2015
The Atlantis team is called upon to help find a missing Wraith queen, lost on a plague-ridden world.
Points of Origin
The Travelers' Tales (Anthology)
BY: Sally Malcolm (ed.)     RELEASED: November 2015
This short story collection looks at Ronon's life on Sateda, Sam Carter's first weeks in Atlantis, and more adventures from the SG-1 and Atlantis teams.
Third Path
Book 8 in the Legacy Series
BY: Melissa Scott & Jo Graham     RELEASED: July 2015
With Atlantis in lock-down and his friends held by the Vanir, John Sheppard must negotiate a fragile peace with the galaxy's most hostile forces.
Far Horizons
The Travelers' Tales (Anthology)
BY: Sally Malcolm (ed.)     RELEASED: October 2014
This collection of short stories spans the Milky Way and Pegasus Galaxies, from the early days of Todd to Teal'c's first experience of the S.G.C.
Book 7 in the Legacy Series
BY: Jo Graham & Amy Griswold     RELEASED: July 2014
While Daniel Jackson pays a visit to Atlantis, Rodney is convinced that his life was saved by an old friend – who may have returned to the Pegasus Galaxy.
Book 6 in the Legacy Series
BY: Jo Graham & Melissa Scott & Amy Griswold     RELEASED: April 2013
As battle lines are drawn, humanity's only hope of survival rests on the fate of a terrifying Ancient weapon of mass destruction.
Book 5 in the Legacy Series
BY: Jo Graham & Melissa Scott     RELEASED: August 2012
As the repercussions of Rodney’s abduction shake Atlantis, we find out more about the origins of the Wraith and the future of Pegasus.
The Furies
Book 4 in the Legacy Series
BY: Jo Graham     RELEASED: June 2012
When disaster strikes, the Atlantis team resort to desperate measures in their bid to save Doctor Rodney McKay from the clutches of Queen Death.
Book 3 in the Legacy Series
BY: Melissa Scott & Amy Griswold     RELEASED: November 2011
After Rodney is captured, Atlantis faces a new danger – their own man, turned against them.
The Lost
Book 2 in the Legacy Series
BY: Jo Graham & Amy Griswold     RELEASED: February 2011
In hope of rescuing one of their own, Colonel Sheppard and his team turn to their enemies for help.
Book 1 in the Legacy Series
BY: Jo Graham & Melissa Scott     RELEASED: October 2010
Atlantis returns to the Pegasus Galaxy from Earth, only to find that a powerful Queen is on the verge of uniting the Wraith factions.
BY: David Niall Wilson & Patricia Macomber     RELEASED: September 2010
The Atlantis team finds a city of decadent Ancients on a moon on the verge of destruction, and must escape before this people's fate becomes their own.
Death Game
BY: Jo Graham     RELEASED: September 2010
Sheppard and his team are stranded and separated on an alien world, and John and Teyla are taken by the natives as tribute to a Wraith overlord.
Hunt and Run
BY: Aaron Rosenberg     RELEASED: April 2010
Ronon Dex must stop hunters he once considered brothers-in-arms when Colonel Sheppard's team becomes their newest target.
Dead End
BY: Chris Wraight     RELEASED: July 2010
Trapped on a planet being consumed by a runaway ice age, Colonel Sheppard and his team discover a people – and a mystery – long disregarded by the Ancients.
BY: Peter J. Evans     RELEASED: March 2009
The Apollo is dispatched to the battlefront in the Wraith-Replicator War, where they encounter an Ancient vessel with a man who promises to help them end both threats forever.
BY: James Swallow     RELEASED: February 2009
The Atlantis team discovers a planet protected from the Wraith by a mysterious guardian, which conceals a threat to the entire galaxy.
Mirror Mirror
BY: Sabine C. Bauer     RELEASED: August 2008
An experiment gone wrong leaves Colonel Sheppard and his team trapped in a maddening tangle of realities, and threatens to unravel the fabric of the Pegasus Galaxy.
Blood Ties
BY: Sonny Whitelaw & Elizabeth Christensen     RELEASED: December 2007
The Atlantis team returns home and teams up with SG-1 to track down a Wraith who has been sighted on Earth.
Casualties of War
BY: Elizabeth Christensen     RELEASED: September 2007
After two team members are lost on a mission, Colonel Sheppard submits his resignation. Dr. Weir negotiates with warring tribes who may be related to the Ancients.
BY: Martha Wells     RELEASED: April 2007
When Dr. Rodney McKay unlocks an Ancient mystery on a distant moon, he discovers a terrifying threat to the Pegasus Galaxy.
BY: Sonny Whitelaw & Elizabeth Christensen     RELEASED: December 2006
Lantea, the home world of Atlantis, falls under the threat of ecological destruction when Dr. Beckett disturbs the rest of two long-dead Ancients.
BY: James Swallow     RELEASED: August 2006
The Atlantis team finds a militaristic society where violence is glorified, and must enter the fray to rescue a missing team mate.
The Chosen
BY: Sonny Whitelaw & Elizabeth Christensen     RELEASED: April 2006
The team discovers a world where a group of high priests are losing their ability to fight off the Wraith using Ancient technology.
BY: Martha Wells     RELEASED: March 2006
Major Sheppard and Dr. McKay find a gate address to a world that may be part of an Ancient repository – or a deadly trap.
BY: Sally Malcolm     RELEASED: December 2005
A new team embarks to the lost city of the Ancients in a distant galaxy, but also finds a terrifying new threat. "Rising" presents the novelization of the Stargate Atlantis pilot movie.