ORIGINS Season One Episode Guide

Stargate Origins (101) - Episode 1 Episode 1
EPISODE #: 101     AIR DATE: 02.15.2018     
Ten years after discovering the Stargate, Professor Langford and his daughter Catherine face a foreboding threat when a Nazi officer arrives at the warehouse where they are studying the artifact.
Stargate Origins (102) - Episode 2 Episode 2
EPISODE #: 102     AIR DATE: 02.15.2018     
Dr. Brücke stuns the Langfords when he puts his theories about the Stargate to the test.
Stargate Origins (103) - Episode 3 Episode 3
EPISODE #: 103     AIR DATE: 02.15.2018     
Catherine appeals to Captain Beal and his fellow soldier, Wasif, for help in rescuing her father. Elsewhere, Brücke experiences a close encounter he did not anticipate.
Stargate Origins (104) - Episode 4 Episode 4
EPISODE #: 104     AIR DATE: 02.22.2018     
Catherine, Beal, and Wasif quickly find themselves in over their heads after they arrive on another world, where they encounter a powerful alien warrior.
Stargate Origins (105) - Episode 5 Episode 5
EPISODE #: 105     AIR DATE: 02.22.2018     
Hoping to lay low, the team follows their new guide to a native settlement – while the Germans plot to forge an alliance with the planet's alien masters.
Stargate Origins (106) - Episode 6 Episode 6
EPISODE #: 106     AIR DATE: 03.01.2018     
Brücke uses Nazi propaganda to try and sway Aset into an alliance. Catherine tries to convince Kasuf that they are on the same side.
Stargate Origins (107) - Episode 7 Episode 7
EPISODE #: 107     AIR DATE: 03.01.2018     
As Brücke comes to realize the power that his new alliance could offer him, Catherine and her friends get better acquainted with the planet's natives.
Stargate Origins (108) - Episode 8 Episode 8
EPISODE #: 108     AIR DATE: 03.08.2018     
Aset brings her guests to the outpost of Nosdevli, where a test of combat soon ensues to demonstrate a servant's worth to his master – and putting Brücke in a difficult position.
Stargate Origins (109) - Episode 9 Episode 9
EPISODE #: 109     AIR DATE: 03.08.2018     
Beal leads a team to infiltrate Aset's temple, while Catherine and Kasuf go in search of a way to dial the Stargate back home. Meanwhile, Professor Langford decides to take his stand.
Stargate Origins (110) - Episode 10 Episode 10
EPISODE #: 110     AIR DATE: 03.08.2018     
As the powerful Ra approaches the temple Catherine confronts Brücke, setting into motion a sequence of events that will change her destiny forever.