SG-1 Novels

Infiltration (SG-1 Novel) Infiltration
BY: Susannah Parker Sinard     RELEASED: July 2019
Held captive by the Goa'uld Lugh, SG-1 discovers a group of underground operatives who possess a rare gift – one that comes at a terrible price.
Female of the Species (SG-1 Novel) Female of the Species
BY: Geonn Cannon     RELEASED: November 2018
Vala Mal Doran, SG-1's newest recruit, simply can't ignore the plea for help she receives from her old friend, Tanis Reynard. And with vital intel up for grabs, Vala ensures SG-1 can't ignore it either.
Behind Enemy Lines (SG-1 Novel) Behind Enemy Lines
BY: Sally Malcolm     RELEASED: August 2017
When Jack O'Neill's young clone runs afoul of federal authorities, Jack and Daniel must decide how far to go to help him.
The Travelers' Tales (Anthology)
BY: Sally Malcolm (ed.)     RELEASED: June 2017
Ten brand new short stories take readers from the distant Pegasus Galaxy to the streets of New York City.
Book 3 in the Apocalypse Series
BY: Sally Malcolm & Laura Harper     RELEASED: December 2016
As Daniel and Teal'c seek allies for a coming battle, O'Neill and Carter find a piece of technology that could change the future – and rewrite the past.
Hall of the Two Truths
BY: Susannah Parker Sinard     RELEASED: August 2016
After an attack the members of SG-1 find themselves in the ancient Egyptian afterlife, on a treacherous quest toward their final judgment.
Kali's Wrath
BY: Keith R.A. DeCandido     RELEASED: May 2016
After an SG team brings an injured Goa'uld First Prime back to Earth, SG-1 finds itself in the middle of a war between the System Lord Kali and the Reetou.
Points of Origin
The Travelers' Tales (Anthology)
BY: Sally Malcolm (ed.)     RELEASED: November 2015
This short story collection looks at Ronon's life on Sateda, Sam Carter's first weeks in Atlantis, and more adventures from the SG-1 and Atlantis teams.
Book 2 in the Apocalypse Series
BY: Sally Malcolm & Laura Harper     RELEASED: August 2015
Searching for a way to return home, Colonel O'Neill and his team undertake a dangerous rescue mission on behalf of their new allies.
Murder at the S.G.C.
BY: Amy Griswold     RELEASED: April 2015
After a civilian contractor turns up dead at Stargate Command, Colonel Mitchell and SG-1 are tapped to investigate a potential murder before it draws unwelcome attention from the Pentagon.
BY: Sally Malcolm     RELEASED: December 2014
SG-1 travels to Iceland after the excavation of a Norse burial site turns up a potential connection to the Asgard.
Far Horizons
The Travelers' Tales (Anthology)
BY: Sally Malcolm (ed.)     RELEASED: October 2014
This collection of short stories spans the Milky Way and Pegasus Galaxies, from the early days of Todd to Teal'c's first experience of the S.G.C.
Hostile Ground
Book 1 in the Apocalypse Series
BY: Sally Malcolm & Laura Harper     RELEASED: August 2014
After Colonel O'Neill is tapped for a covert assignment, the SG-1 team is fractured when they are stranded on a hostile planet.
Two Roads
BY: Geonn Cannon     RELEASED: June 2014
In the wake of the Goa'uld's downfall SG-1 and Vala Mal Doran both search for a treasure left behind by the System Lord Kali, which may hold the key to saving the Jaffa.
BY: Melissa Scott     RELEASED: June 2013
When SG-1 discover one of Janus's abandoned devices, they are transported to a distant galaxy where nothing is as it should be.
Moebius Squared
BY: Jo Graham & Melissa Scott     RELEASED: December 2012
In search of Egeria, the Tok'ra queen, Cameron Mitchell's team travels back to Ancient Egypt where they find another version of SG-1 – trapped in the past after helping the Egyptians overthrow Ra.
The Drift
BY: Diana Dru Botsford     RELEASED: October 2012
The highly anticipated sequel to SG-1: Four Dragons finds the team trapped within a mysterious Ancient device discovered in the Antarctica outpost.
Heart's Desire
BY: Amy Griswald     RELEASED: July 2012
SG-1 battles pirates in the skies over a mountainous world as they search for the legendary "Heart's Desire."
Oceans of Dust
BY: Peter J. Evans     RELEASED: June 2012
A terrible creature from beneath the sands of Egypt threatens the galaxy.
BY: Sabine C. Bauer     RELEASED: October 2011
SG-1 must unite for a very personal rescue mission when Cassandra Fraiser is kidnapped by forces unknown.
BY: J.F. Crane     RELEASED: March 2011
On a bleak and lifeless world, SG-1 discovers a clue to a device that promises protection from the Goa'uld forever.
Four Dragons
BY: Diana Botsford     RELEASED: August 2010
Jack takes matters into his own hands to rescue Daniel Jackson after his friend is taken prisoner by a Goa'uld System Lord.
The Power Behind the Throne
BY: Steven Savile     RELEASED: August 2010
SG-1 must rescue an enigmatic, one-of-a-kind creature before Apophis can capture it for his own ends.
BY: Tim Waggoner     RELEASED: September 2009
The members of SG-1 find themselves in the middle of an eternal alien battle, and turn to Jonas Quinn for help.
BY: Holly Scott & Jaimie Duncan     RELEASED: December 2008
When SG-1 is accused of war crimes on an alien world, they discover a duplicate Daniel Jackson and a rogue N.I.D. plot that spans the entire galaxy.
Do No Harm
BY: Karen Miller     RELEASED: June 2008
Dr. Janet Fraiser and the SG-1 team battle a deadly plague on a Goa'uld planet.
The Barque of Heaven
BY: Suzanne Wood     RELEASED: January 2008
Pursued by Goa'uld and Jaffa, SG-1 must solve a series of riddles and avoid deadly traps in order to return home.
BY: James Swallow     RELEASED: October 2007
A series of attacks from an unknown assailant threatens the S.G.C.'s hopes of signing a treaty with a race of space travelers.
Roswell (Novel) Roswell
BY: Sonny Whitelaw & Jennifer Fallon     RELEASED: June 2007
When they find themselves marooned in 1947, SG-1 must rely on some unlikely friends to rescue an Asgard and find a way home.
BY: Karen Miller     RELEASED: October 2006
SG-1 faces the consequences of their failed mission to Euronda, but are called upon to help the Tok'ra recruit new hosts -- by infiltrating a Goa'uld breeding camp.
Survival of the Fittest
BY: Sabine C. Bauer     RELEASED: July 2006
SG-1 discovers that Colonel Frank Simmons is at the center of a plot to create a new army of human Jaffa.
Siren Song
BY: Holly Scott & Jaimie Duncan     RELEASED: February 2006
Bounty hunter Aris Boch seeks help from SG-1 to save his people from the Goa'uld.
The Cost of Honor
BY: Sally Malcolm     RELEASED: August 2005
Jack O'Neill and his team must face the consequences of their actions, only to discover the penalty is far worse than anything he could have imagined.
City of the Gods
BY: Sonny Whitelaw     RELEASED: April 2005
SG-1 is marooned on a dying planet, where the inhabitants' only hope of survival is an ancient prophecy with Jack O'Neill at its center.
A Matter of Honor
BY: Sally Malcolm     RELEASED: November 2004
Five years after Major Henry Boyd and his team were trapped on the edge of a black hole, Colonel Jack O'Neill discovers a device that could bring them home.
Sacrifice Moon
BY: Julie Fortune     RELEASED: September 2004
Colonel Jack O'Neill leads the newly commissioned SG-1 on their first mission through the Stargate, to a seemingly peaceful world that harbors a dark secret.
Trial By Fire
BY: Sabine C. Bauer     RELEASED: July 2004
The team embarks on a mission to Tyros, an ancient society teetering on the brink of war. But when their spiritual leader is murdered, the Tyreans beg SG-1 for help against their sworn enemies.
The Morpheus Factor
BY: Ashley McConnell     RELEASED: February 2001
SG-1 encounters a seemingly friendly alien race, but after a short stay on their planet find themselves experiencing disturbing hallucinations.
The First Amendment
BY: Ashley McConnell     RELEASED: February 2000
A young reporter is smuggled into Stargate Command and witnesses the top-secret project in action, prompting SG-1 to demonstrate to him just how dangerous the universe can be.
The Price You Pay
BY: Ashley McConnell     RELEASED: July 1999
SG-1 is stranded on a world whose inhabitants have struck a pact with the Goa'uld -- host bodies in exchange for survival -- and seek to rescue a people who do not want their help.
Stargate SG-1
BY: Ashley McConnell     RELEASED: October 1998
The future of Earth is in danger as the evil serpent god Apophis rises in the wake of Ra's destruction, prompting Colonel Jack O'Neill to lead a new mission through the Stargate to hunt down this new enemy.