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The characters who populate the Stargate universe make up its heart and soul, be they human, Asgard, Abydonian, or Genii. Major characters from the three series include:

SG-1: Jack O'Neill - Daniel Jackson - Samantha Carter - Teal'c - Cameron Mitchell - Vala Mal Doran - Jonas Quinn - George Hammond - Hank Landry

Oneilljack.jpg Jacksondaniel.jpg Cartersamantha.jpg Tealc.jpg Mitchellcameron.jpg Maldoranvala.jpg Quinnjonas.jpg Hammondgeorge.jpgLandryhank.jpg

ATLANTIS: John Sheppard - Rodney McKay - Teyla Emmagan - Elizabeth Weir - Ronon Dex - Carson Beckett - Jennifer Keller - Richard Woolsey

Sheppardjohn.jpg Mckayrodney.jpg Emmaganteyla.jpg Weirelizabeth.jpg Dexronon.jpg Beckettcarson.jpg Kellerjennifer.jpg Woolseyrichard.jpg Fordaiden.jpg

SGU: Nicholas Rush - Everett Young - Matthew Scott - Tamara Johansen - Eli Wallace - Ronald Greer - Chloe Armstrong - Camille Wray - David Telford

Rushnicholas.jpg Youngeverett.jpg Scottmatthew.jpg Johansentamara.jpg Wallaceeli.jpg Greerronald.jpg Armstrongchloe.jpg Wraycamille.jpg Telford.jpg

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