Video Games

Stargate: Timekeepers (CreativeForge / Slitherine) Stargate: Timekeepers
FROM: Creative Forge Games     RELEASED: January 2024
Travel through time and space with Colonel Eva McCain and her team in the real-time tactics game set in the Stargate universe.
ASTROKINGS (Stargate SG-1) ASTROKINGS (Stargate Limited Events)
FROM: AN Games     RELEASED: April 2021
Unlock Stargate ships and characters in ASTROKINGS, the online strategy combat game set in an original science fiction universe. (Limited promotional events)
Stargate SG-1: Unleashed
FROM: Arkalis Interactive     RELEASED: March 2013
Visit new worlds, defeat Jaffa warriors, explore mysterious temples, and solve cryptic puzzles as SG-1 faces the threat of a powerful new Goa'uld.
Stargate Command
FROM: Arkalis Interactive     RELEASED: July 2012
Explore the S.G.C., play mini-games, and more in Stargate's first interactive app in the mobile smartphone world. Includes the in-app game "Teal'c's Revenge."
Stargate Resistance
FROM: Dark Comet Games     RELEASED: 02.10.2010
Resistance is an online third-person shooter, where players can choose either Stargate Command or the System Lords and fight for control of the galaxy!
Stargate Worlds
FROM: Cheyenne Mountain Ent.     RELEASED: Cancelled (2009)
Stargate Worlds was to be a massively multi-player online role-playing game, giving players the chance to freely explore the far corners of the Stargate universe.
Stargate SG-1: The Alliance
FROM: Perception Pty     RELEASED: Cancelled
Take command of SG-1 in the first-person shooter, with action, challenging puzzles, and head-to-head or co-op modes. SG-1's first, ambitious PC and console game was never released.
Stargate SG-1: Entropy Syndrome (Mobile Game) Stargate SG-1: Entropy Syndrome (Mobile)
FROM: G5 Software     RELEASED: 2007
The follow-up to 2004's Stargate SG-1 mobile game is an isometric adventure game, with seven missions ranging from action to puzzle solving.
Stargate SG-1 (Mobile)
FROM: SkyZone Entertainment     RELEASED: 2004
Play through four exciting levels of the Stargate SG-1 adventure game in the franchise's very first mobile phone game.
Stargate (Console)
FROM: Probe Entertainment     RELEASED: 1995
Travel to Abydos as Colonel Jack O'Neil to take on Ra and his forces in the movie tie-in game, released on the Super Nintendo and the Sega Genesis.
Stargate (Handheld)
FROM: Acclaim     RELEASED: 1994
Released on the Nintendo Game Boy and Sega Game Gear in connection with the original Stargate film, the handheld Stargate game is a 3D strategy puzzler.
Stargate (Pinball)
FROM: Gottlieb     RELEASED: March 1995
"Shoot the pyramid!" This classic-style pinball table was based on the 1994 film starring Kurt Russell and James Spader.
Stargate (Atari 2600)
FROM: Atari     RELEASED: 1987
The first home console came to bear the "Stargate" name, this action game is not related to the modern sci-fi franchise.
Stargate (Arcade)
FROM: Williams Electronics, Inc.     RELEASED: 1981
Keep the inhabitants of your planets safe! The sequel to the 1980 arcade hit Defender, Stargate was not related to the modern-day sci-fi franchise.
Stargate Megaways (Slots) (Light & Wonder) Stargate Megaways (Slots)
FROM: Light & Wonder    
Stargate SG-1 (Slots) (Artonic) Stargate SG-1 (Slots)
FROM: Atronic     RELEASED: 2009
Atronic released a character-themed set of SG-1 slot machines to casinos in 2008.