Fan Commentary

Stargate SG-1: "Nemesis"

Watch Stargate with us! In GateWorld’s Fan Commentary series, Darren and David sit down with some of our favorite episodes of SG-1 and chat about it in real-time — with some plot analysis, connections with the mythology of the Stargate universe, and a few laughs.

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“The Torment of Tantalus”Stargate SG-1 #110 (Season One)
“Tin Man”Stargate SG-1 #118 (Season One)
“The Fifth Race”Stargate SG-1 #215 (Season Two)
“A Matter of Time”Stargate SG-1 #216 (Season Two)
“Point of View”Stargate SG-1 #306 (Season Three)
“Nemesis”Stargate SG-1 #322 (Season Three)


Fan commentaries are meant to be enjoyed while you watch the episode in real-time. Load up the commentary on your computer or MP3 player, then start the episode on your DVD player or computer. (Remember to keep the volume turned down a bit.) Press play on the commentary as soon as you see the MGM lion!