SGU Season Two Episode Guide

Intervention (SGU 201) Intervention
EPISODE #: 201     AIR DATE: 09.28.2010     
As Destiny's crew continues to battle Lucian Alliance soldiers over control of the ship, T.J. finds herself and her baby transported to a safe place.
EPISODE #: 202     AIR DATE: 10.05.2010     
Dr. Rush directs a shuttle to a planet inaccessible by Stargate – but a crash landing threatens to strand those on board. Meanwhile, Rush makes a stunning discovery on Destiny, and Young must decide what to do with his prisoners.
EPISODE #: 203     AIR DATE: 10.12.2010     
Destiny encounters an Ancient seeder ship, which may hold the key to getting the crew home. But they soon find that the ship is not unoccupied.
EPISODE #: 204     AIR DATE: 10.19.2010     
Chloe's increasingly erratic behavior leads the crew to suspect that she may be under alien influence. Eli returns home when he learns that his mother has fallen ill, and Camille finds Sharon struggling in her absence.
EPISODE #: 205     AIR DATE: 10.26.2010     
Lieutenant Scott is infected by a plant-like organism while surveying a planet, and suffers severe hallucinations of another life back home on Earth.
Trial and Error
EPISODE #: 206     AIR DATE: 11.02.2010     
Colonel Young sees a recurring vision of Destiny being attacked and destroyed by hostile aliens, causing him to fear he is losing his mind.
The Greater Good
EPISODE #: 207     AIR DATE: 11.09.2010     
When Young and Rush are trapped on an abandoned alien ship, Rush has Amanda Perry brought on board in an attempt to steer Destiny to them while keeping his secret.
EPISODE #: 208     AIR DATE: 11.16.2010     
Simeon makes his escape from Destiny, sending Nicholas Rush on a vengeful mission to catch him. But Young and Greer must attempt to retrieve Simeon unharmed.
EPISODE #: 209     AIR DATE: 11.23.2010     
Members of the crew left behind in another galaxy make a shocking return to Destiny, while Chloe deals with the inevitable consequences of her transformation.
EPISODE #: 210     AIR DATE: 11.30.2010     
The crew's new-found control over Destiny's flight path introduces new risks when they find themselves in the middle of a war between two races.
EPISODE #: 211     AIR DATE: 03.07.2011     
With Destiny up against a fleet of drones, the crew is surprised by the arrival of an old foe. Chloe faces her former captors when the crew decide to hand her over.
Twin Destinies
EPISODE #: 212     AIR DATE: 03.14.2011     
Rush expresses concerns when Earth approves Eli's plan to dial the Stargate home from inside a star – and is proved right when a duplicate of himself shows up with a warning from the future.
EPISODE #: 213     AIR DATE: 03.21.2011     
While a U.S. Senator visits Destiny, Camille and Sgt. Greer are trapped when Homeworld Command comes under alien attack.
EPISODE #: 214     AIR DATE: 03.28.2011     
Chloe's body is taken over by the mind of someone the crew believed was dead. Meanwhile, T.J. must perform a dangerous transplant when Dr. Volker is diagnosed with an illness that threatens his life.
EPISODE #: 215     AIR DATE: 02.27.2012     
Homeworld Command tries to convince an ally occupying a naquadria-rich planet to let them try to dial Destiny, but suspects that they have already been infiltrated by the Lucian Alliance.
The Hunt
EPISODE #: 216     AIR DATE: 04.11.2011     
The crew organize a desperate rescue mission after a predatory creature attacks an offworld team and takes two people captive.
Common Descent
EPISODE #: 217     AIR DATE: 04.18.2011     
Destiny comes upon a colony of humans who claim that their civilization was founded two thousand years earlier ... by Destiny's own crew.
EPISODE #: 218     AIR DATE: 04.25.2011     
While attempting to return a group of colonists to their home, the crew finds records of their own alternate lives – and a planet on the verge of seismic destruction.
EPISODE #: 219     AIR DATE: 05.02.2011     
Destiny is attacked by drone ships while attempting to recharge its power reserves, forcing most of the crew to gate to a nearby planet while Eli tries a risky alternative.
Everett Young in stasis ("Gauntlet") Gauntlet
EPISODE #: 220     AIR DATE: 05.09.2011     
Cut off from every star and every planet in their path, the crew takes a stand against the drone command ships. Meanwhile, Eli comes up with an extreme plan to escape drone space for good.