SG-1 Comics

Daniel Jackson (Trade Paperback comic) Daniel Jackson
Trade Paperback
RELEASED: April 2011
The trade paperback collects all four issues of Dynamite's "Daniel Jackson" story.
Vala Mal Doran (Trade Paperback comic) Vala Mal Doran
Trade Paperback
RELEASED: December 2010
The trade paperback collects issues 1-4 of Dynamite's "Vala Mal Doran" story.
Daniel Jackson #4
ISSUE #: 4 of 4     RELEASED: September 2010
Dr. Jackson must solve an ancient riddle to find a treasure that has been lost for ages, which is both hidden and well-guarded.
Daniel Jackson #3
ISSUE #: 3 of 4     RELEASED: August 2010
While searching for an ancient treasure Daniel runs afoul of a group of Jaffa who have been left stranded by the Goa'uld they serve.
Daniel Jackson #2
ISSUE #: 2 of 4     RELEASED: July 2010
Daniel sets off on a solo advanture, seeking his own fortune and finding love and danger at every turn.
Daniel Jackson #1
ISSUE #: 1 of 4     RELEASED: June 2010
Dr. Daniel Jackson heads through the Stargate to explore a seemingly primitive planet, with deadly treasure and danger all around.
Vala Mal Doran #5
ISSUE #: 5 of 5     RELEASED: September 2010
It's time for the final hand to be played, and trust is in short supply. Revenge, redemption and loyalty are all up for grabs.
Vala Mal Doran #4
ISSUE #: 4 of 5     RELEASED: August 2010
When everyone's favorite thief is called on to clean up her mess, the SG-1 team steps in to help her out.
Vala Mal Doran #3
ISSUE #: 3 of 5     RELEASED: July 2010
After her heist plot falls apart Vala finds herself up a creek ... but still looking to salvage the heist and haul off the treasure anyway.
Vala Mal Doran #2
ISSUE #: 2 of 5     RELEASED: June 2010
Vala may be in over her head as she attempts and extremely complicated heist, which does not go entirely according to plan.
Vala Mal Doran #1
ISSUE #: 1 of 5     RELEASED: May 2010
Vala assembles a cadre of thieves to help her pull off a major heist -- a mysterious sentient plant believed to be a source of great power.
Stargate #0 (Dynamite)
RELEASED: Unpublished
Dynamite Entertainment's special preview book was to include three short stories intended to tease new lines of SG-1 and Atlantis comics.
Convention Special (2007)
ISSUE #: (N/A)     RELEASED: 2007
Stargate Command faces a very different sort of threat when an evil doppelganger of Colonel O'Neill is loose on the base.
Ra Reborn (Prequel)
RELEASED: March 2006
As Daniel Jackson recounts the story of the first Stargate mission, a familiar presence reappears on Abydonian soil. Has the evil System Lord Ra returned?
Daniel's Song
ISSUE #: 1 of 1     RELEASED: August 2005
After being electrocuted by an ancient Aztec device, Daniel Jackson is forced to relive the moment Sha're was taken by the Goa'uld System Lord Apophis.
Convention Special (2005)
ISSUE #: (N/A)     RELEASED: 2005
Besieged by invisible attackers, SG-1 encounters a member of the Nox who has abandoned their peaceful ways to embrace the philosophy of the Goa'uld.
Aris Boch
ISSUE #: 1 of 1     RELEASED: October 2004
SG-1 crosses paths with bounty hunter Aris Boch, who offers them a deal to trade a sample of his Goa'uld-resistant blood.
Fall of Rome #3
ISSUE #: 3 of 3     RELEASED: October 2004
Teal'c must do battle with a group of cybernetic monsters in Mars' arena, while Daniel and his new allies attempt to rescue the team before Carter and O'Neill become Goa'uld hosts.
Fall of Rome #2
ISSUE #: 2 of 3     RELEASED: September 2004
Daniel searches for a way to free his team from the Goa'uld Mars, who has created an army of cybernetic Jaffa in order to one day invade Earth.
Fall of Rome #1
ISSUE #: 1 of 3     RELEASED: August 2004
SG-1 discovers a Goa'uld graveyard world to which the once powerful Mars has been banished, where they encounter an oppressed alien race.
Fall of Rome (Prequel)
RELEASED: July 2004
The team finds a device that reveals the fate of the ambitious Goa'uld Mars.
Convention Special (2004)
ISSUE #: (N/A)     RELEASED: May 2004
Earth learns the location of key Goa'uld tactical information, and SG-1 launches a plan to steal the data from Apophis' stronghold.
Stargate SG-1 Volume 1: P.O.W. (Trade Paperback) Stargate SG-1: P.O.W.
Trade Paperback
RELEASED: January 2006
The trade paperback edition collects the 3-issue "P.O.W." story, plus the convention special stories "Know Your Enemy" and "First Prime."
P.O.W. #3
ISSUE #: 3 of 3     RELEASED: April 2004
Colonel O'Neill finds himself a Goa'uld prisoner on a distant world, and Stargate Command must mount a dangerous rescue mission.
P.O.W. #2
ISSUE #: 2 of 3     RELEASED: March 2004
While SG-1 struggles to find a way to remove a doomsday bomb from the Stargate, Dr. Jackson recounts the history of the program.
P.O.W. #1
ISSUE #: 1 of 3     RELEASED: February 2004
The S.G.C. faces an invasion by the Goa'uld, who lay waste to the Gate Room.
Convention Special (2003)
ISSUE #: (N/A)     RELEASED: August 2003
Teal'c and Bra'tac are pinned down by enemy fire, giving the humans of Earth a chance to demonstrate their mettle to the Jaffa leader.
Free Comic Book Day Preview
ISSUE #: (N/A)     RELEASED: May 2003
Made available during Free Comic Book Day, the Robocop / Stargate SG-1 preview issue includes a look at the first three pages from Avatar Press's P.O.W. #1 story.