Atlantis Comics

Singularity #3 (Atlantis Comics) Singularity #3
ISSUE #: 3    
Janus and the DV aliens are on the brink of achieving their ultimate victory. Only the crew of Atlantis stands in their way and the utter destruction of everything.
Singularity #2 (Atlantis Comics) Singularity #2
ISSUE #: 2     RELEASED: June 2018
The Atlantis team is faced with the final agenda of the rogue Ancient, Janus, as his machinations leave the galaxy teetering on the brink of destruction!
Singularity #1 (Atlantis Comics) Singularity #1
ISSUE #: 1     RELEASED: March 2018
The Atlantis team struggles against the out-of-control Ancient Janus and his alien army, with the fate of two galaxies on the line!
Stargate Atlantis / Universe Anthology #1 (Comics) Stargate Atlantis / Universe Anthology #1
ISSUE #: 1     RELEASED: February 2018
Two stories in one! The Atlantis team finds technology that threatens the city, while on Destiny Camille Wray prepares for an uncertain future.
Hearts and Minds #3 (Comics) Hearts & Minds #3
ISSUE #: 3     RELEASED: November 2017
Janus' plans are revealed and the Atlantis team must find a way to stop this mad genius before he unleashes a terrifying wave of destruction.
Hearts and Minds #2 (Comics) Hearts & Minds #2
ISSUE #: 2     RELEASED: August 2017
Hearts & Minds #1
ISSUE #: 1     RELEASED: May 2017
Having resettled the Ancient city of Atlantis back in the Pegasus Galaxy, Colonel Sheppard and his team discover the diabolical truth behind Janus' master plan.
Gateways #3
ISSUE #: 3 of 3     RELEASED: March 2017
Reeling from an alien attack on the city, the Atlantis team must face a new threat in the form of one of the Ancients' greatest scientists.
Gateways #2
ISSUE #: 2 of 3     RELEASED: February 2017
The Atlantis team squares off with a new alien threat that is emerging, while Janus continues his plan to wipe out the Wraith once and for all.
Gateways #1
ISSUE #: 1 of 3     RELEASED: November 2016
Janus forces Atlantis to evacuate from Earth, throwing the city into chaos and setting into motion a deadly chain of events.
Back to Pegasus #3
ISSUE #: 3 of 3     RELEASED: August 2016
Atlantis's presence on Earth poses a new threat to the planet, as a threat from the past plots a devastating attack.
Back to Pegasus #2
ISSUE #: 2 of 3     RELEASED: July 2016
A new threat rises to challenge the crew and stop them from returning the city of Atlantis to its rightful place.
Back to Pegasus #1
ISSUE #: 1 of 3     RELEASED: May 2016
A startling discovery sends the Atlantis team in search of a new Stargate system, and reveals that the horrors of the Pegasus Galaxy are not far away.
Stargate #0 (Dynamite)
RELEASED: Unpublished
Dynamite Entertainment's special preview book was to include three short stories intended to tease new lines of SG-1 and Atlantis comics.
Wraithfall #3
ISSUE #: 3 of 3     RELEASED: February 2007
Teyla and Ford launch a dangerous mission to rescue Sheppard from the Wraith laboratory. But will their actions doom an entire world?
Wraithfall #2
ISSUE #: 2 of 3     RELEASED: November 2006
Sheppard finds himself a prisoner inside a Wraith laboratory, while sabotage back on Atlantis may thwart their rescue mission before it has begun.
Wraithfall #1
ISSUE #: 1 of 3     RELEASED: July 2006
A backwater planet's bizarre deal with the Wraith may offer Major John Sheppard a chance at redemption ... or lead to the utter destruction of the Atlantis team.
Wraithfall (Preview)
RELEASED: October 2005
The Atlantis team encounters the Karrans, a primitive race that has made a bizarre deal with the Wraith.