SGU Kino (Webisodes) Episode Guide

"Get Outta Here" (Kino) Get Outta Here
EPISODE #: 1     AIR DATE: 10.22.2009     
Eli uses a kino to watch Colonel Young doing paperwork.
"Not the Com Lab" (Kino) Not the Com Lab
EPISODE #: 2     AIR DATE: 10.22.2009     
Eli's tour of the Destiny takes a wrong turn into the ship's infirmary.*
"No Idea" (Kino) No Idea
EPISODE #: 3     AIR DATE: 10.22.2009     
Eli's tour of the ship leads him to a room he's never been in before.*
"The Stargate Room" (Kino) The Stargate Room
EPISODE #: 4     AIR DATE: 10.22.2009     
Eli's favorite room on the ship houses the Stargate, that ancient piece of technology that might one day get them all home.*
"Eli's Room" (Kino) Eli's Room
EPISODE #: 5     AIR DATE: 10.22.2009     
Eli's tour wraps up at his own room on board Destiny.*
"Don't Encourage Him" (Kino) Don't Encourage Him
EPISODE #: 6     AIR DATE: 10.23.2009     
Lt. Scott, Lt. Johansen, and MSgt. Greer talk to Eli through the kino and warn him not to use it to spy on women.*
"Corridor Conversation" (Kino) Corridor Conversation
EPISODE #: 7     AIR DATE: 10.23.2009     
The kino catches a brief personal moment between Matt and Chloe.
"Marked Hatch" (Kino) Marked Hatch
EPISODE #: 8     AIR DATE: 10.26.2009     
Eli talks about a sealed hatch marked to indicate a decompressed compartment.*
"Not Supposed to Be in Here" (Kino) Not Supposed To Be In Here
EPISODE #: 9     AIR DATE: 10.26.2009     
Eli takes his kino into Destiny's one working shuttle, though he confesses it's against the rules for him to be in there.*
"Nobody Cares" (Kino) Nobody Cares
EPISODE #: 10     AIR DATE: 10.26.2009     
A morose Chloe Armstrong talks with Eli through the kino.*
"Kino Race" (Kino) Kino Race
EPISODE #: 11     AIR DATE: 11.02.2009     
Eli and Sgt. Riley race kinos in the ship's corridors.
"Covered Kino" (Kino) Covered Kino
EPISODE #: 12     AIR DATE: 11.02.2009     
Lt. Vanessa James gets ready for a shower ... only to find a kino spying on her.
"Variety" (Kino) Variety
EPISODE #: 13     AIR DATE: 11.02.2009     
Dr. Inman talks with Pvt. Becker, the ship's cook, about her ability to synthesize artificial flavors for the crew's food.*
"You Okay?" (Kino) You Okay?
EPISODE #: 14     AIR DATE: 11.09.2009     
The kino catches Matt and Chloe in a personal moment.
"Do I Look Stupid?" (Kino) Do I Look Stupid?
EPISODE #: 15     AIR DATE: 11.09.2009     
Lt. Scott and Volker help Brody and Riley try on the Ancient environmental suits.
"All Telford's Fault" (Kino) All Telford's Fault
EPISODE #: 16     AIR DATE: 11.09.2009     
Lisa Park tries to comfort Brody after an accident leaves one of the crew injured.
"What's That Light?" (Kino) What's That Light?
EPISODE #: 17     AIR DATE: 11.14.2009     
Greer and Scott overhear a conversation between Drs. Brody and Park, who are trying to interface their radios with Destiny's intercom system.
"New Kind of Crazy" (Kino) New Kind of Crazy
EPISODE #: 18     AIR DATE: 11.19.2009     
Eli and Matt try to make sense of their discovery of a pair of kinos with recordings they made in alternate timelines.
"Only Run When Chased" (Kino) Only Run When Chased
EPISODE #: 19     AIR DATE: 11.19.2009     
Matthew Scott tries to motivate the ship's civilians into an exercise regimen – but they'd rather watch TV.
"Want Me To Bust Him Up?" (Kino) Want Me To Bust Him Up?
EPISODE #: 20     AIR DATE: 11.25.2009     
Ronald Greer tries to comfort Lisa Park after Dr. Rush gives her a hard time with her work.
"The Apple Core" (Kino) The Apple Core
EPISODE #: 21     AIR DATE: 12.09.2009     
Eli and the ship's science team quibble over what to call Destiny's control interface room.*
"Not Just For Posterity" (Kino) Not Just For Posterity
EPISODE #: 22     AIR DATE: 12.09.2009     
Lisa Park records a video diary for her loved ones back home ... but doesn't know how to pause the recording properly.*
"We Volunteer To Do This" (Kino) We Volunteer To Do This
EPISODE #: 23     AIR DATE: 04.16.2010     
Eli interviews Airman Kelly, in the body of Chloe, about her decision to use the Ancient communication stones.*
"Wait For It" (Kino) Wait For It
EPISODE #: 24     AIR DATE: 04.23.2010     
After being on the receiving end of a prank, Brody tries to get his revenge on Sgt. Riley.*
"Drop the Sirs" (Kino) Drop The Sirs
EPISODE #: 25     AIR DATE: 05.14.2010     
Lt. Scott tries to clear the air with MSgt. Greer after he was left behind on a mission.*
"Like A Hug" (Kino) Like a Hug
EPISODE #: 26     AIR DATE: 05.19.2010     
T.J. and Lisa Park discuss Dr. Rush's relationship with Amanda Perry.*
"Chloe's Room" (Kino) Chloe's Room
EPISODE #: 27     AIR DATE: 08.09.2010     
Eli's kino tour of Destiny leads him to Chloe's room – but she doesn't answer the door.*
"Disgusting Habit" (Kino) Disgusting Habit
EPISODE #: 28     AIR DATE: 08.09.2010     
Brody and Spencer sneak away to share a cigarette.*
"Favorite Meal of All Time" (Kino) Favorite Meal Of All Time
EPISODE #: 29     AIR DATE: 08.09.2010     
Eli tries to get the ship's residents to describe their favorite meal back home on Earth.*
"Not Being There" (Kino) Not Being There
EPISODE #: 30     AIR DATE: 08.09.2010     
Sgt. Hunter Riley records a video diary, lamenting the cost of being stranded far from home.*
"One Long Endless Night" (Kino) One Long Endless Night
EPISODE #: 31     AIR DATE: 01.27.2011     
In a video diary Vanessa talks about everyday life on board the ship.*
"Horrible Accident" (Kino) Horrible Accident
EPISODE #: 32     AIR DATE: 01.28.2011     
Sgt. Riley checks in on Eli in the infirmary following an embarrassing accident.
"Painful Moments" (Kino) Painful Moments
EPISODE #: 33     AIR DATE: 01.31.2011     
Brody, Park, Morrison, Riley, and Eli open up about some of the most painful moments in their lives.*
"All the Stages" (Kino) All The Stages
EPISODE #: 34     AIR DATE: 02.01.2011     
In a video diary, Vanessa James talks about going through the stages of grief and loss on board Destiny.*

* Available in the Bonus Features on DVD and Blu-ray