SG-1 Novels
The adventures of SG-1 continue in print, including novels and short stories from Fandemonium and a handful of tie-in novels from Roc. The stories are set at various points throughout SG-1's 10-year history.
Atlantis Novels
John Sheppard and his team continue to fight for Atlantis and the people of the Pegasus Galaxy in new adventures, set during the show's 5-year run and also picking up with the city's return to Pegasus after the series' end.
SGU Novels
Fandemonium's tie-in novels for Stargate Universe includes one title to date: the novelization of the 3-hour pilot episode, "Air."
Movie Novels
After the 1994 feature film (but before SG-1) Bill McCay wrote a 5-book series that picks up after the events of the original Stargate movie. The alien threat to Earth has only begun!
Non-Fiction Books
The world of Stargate non-fiction books spans from official "Companion" volumes for each season of SG-1 and Atlantis to scripts, analysis, and much more.