Stargate Infinity Episode Guide

EPISODE #: 101     AIR DATE: 09.14.2002     
When the hostile Tlak'kahn invade Stargate Command to steal a mysterious new lifeform, recently court-martialed Major Gus Bonner must lead a team of young cadets to stop them.
Double Duty
EPISODE #: 102     AIR DATE: 09.21.2002     
The team must protect the maturing alien crysalis from the Tlak'kahn. But when they discover a world plagued by an unknown disease, Major Bonner refuses to leave.
The Best World
EPISODE #: 103     AIR DATE: 09.28.2002     
The team travels to a world populated by mud creatures in an attempt to avoid the Tlak'kahn, but find themselves in another battle for survival.
Coming Home
EPISODE #: 104     AIR DATE: 10.05.2002     
EPISODE #: 105     AIR DATE: 10.12.2002     
Gus discovers his former commanding officer living on an alien world – as the exalted leader of the indigenous people.
Hot Water
EPISODE #: 106     AIR DATE: 10.19.2002     
EPISODE #: 107     AIR DATE: 10.26.2002     
Stacey must face her personal fears when she must stand trial for attacking a spider-like alien life form.
Can I Keep It?
EPISODE #: 108     AIR DATE: 11.02.2002     
Seattle adopts a cuddly creature that grows into a 200-pound problem overnight. (Yahoo! TV)
Who Are You?
EPISODE #: 109     AIR DATE: 11.09.2002     
The team stumbles upon a planet occupied by Nephestis's race who take on the appearance of captured SG team members to sew distrust among the others.
EPISODE #: 110     AIR DATE: 11.16.2002     
EPISODE #: 111     AIR DATE: 11.23.2002     
EPISODE #: 112     AIR DATE: 11.30.2002     
Harrison urges an alien youth to resist peer pressure during a dangerous initiation. (Yahoo! TV)
The Mother of Invention
EPISODE #: 113     AIR DATE: 12.07.2002     
An inventor lies to Ec'co in order to obtain Stargate technology. (Yahoo! TV)
Us and Them
EPISODE #: 114     AIR DATE: 01.13.2003     
The team discovers a world populated by flying beings who look like Draga, and may be related to the Ancients. Draga gets to know her people, while her human friends try to fight off a Tlak'kahn invasion.
The Face of Evil
EPISODE #: 115     AIR DATE: 01.20.2003     
The Key
EPISODE #: 116     AIR DATE: 01.27.2003     
A comet threatens a world where all communication is done electronically. (Zap2it)
Chariot of the Sun
EPISODE #: 117     AIR DATE: 02.03.2003     
The team steals a spaceship to return to Earth, but ends up on a hostile world instead. (Zap2it)
The Answer
EPISODE #: 118     AIR DATE: 02.10.2003     
A brilliant alien scientist has discovered the key to telepathy. (Zap2it)
The Look
EPISODE #: 119     AIR DATE: 02.17.2003     
A woman achieves social status on an alien world because of her headdress. (Zap2it)
Feet of Clay
EPISODE #: 120     AIR DATE: 02.24.2003     
The Natural
EPISODE #: 121     AIR DATE: 03.03.2003     
Harrison has problems learning how to ride an alien race's reptilian birds of prey. (Zap2it)
Big Mistake
EPISODE #: 122     AIR DATE: 03.10.2003     
Seattle refuses to admit that her irrigation system for an alien planet does not work. (Zap2it)
The Illustrated Stacey
EPISODE #: 123     AIR DATE: 03.17.2003     
Stacey sets out to find a way to kill the alien microbe spreading over her body. (Zap2it)
The Long Haul
EPISODE #: 124     AIR DATE: 03.24.2003     
The team considers staying on Earth until Nephestis turns up on Tlak'khan. (Zap2it)
EPISODE #: 125     AIR DATE: 06.12.2003     
EPISODE #: 126     AIR DATE: 07.05.2003     
Preoccupation with virtual reality causes a society to deteriorate. (Zap2it)