SGA Season Three Episode Guide

No Man's Land
EPISODE #: 301     AIR DATE: 07.14.2006     
The team desperately attempts to stop two Wraith hive ships from reaching Earth. Sheppard must rely on an old foe to rescue McKay and Ronon.
EPISODE #: 302     AIR DATE: 07.21.2006     
The Atlantis team must decide the fate of a colony of Wraith they have turned into humans. Dr. Weir must defend her leadership when she is evaluated by the I.O.A.
EPISODE #: 303     AIR DATE: 07.28.2006     
Sheppard's team meets an obnoxious man who is adored by all thanks to a secret that he carries – and who has an unexpected affect on them.
EPISODE #: 304     AIR DATE: 08.04.2006     
Ronon Dex is captured by the Wraith and returned to his homeworld, where he is haunted by his past as he is forced to once again become their prey.
EPISODE #: 305     AIR DATE: 08.11.2006     
Weir and the team visit an advanced civilization that split off from the Lanteans thousands of years ago, but discover that they may not have left Atlantis in peace.
The Real World
EPISODE #: 306     AIR DATE: 08.18.2006     
Elizabeth Weir wakes up in a mental institution, where she is told that the expedition to Atlantis and the Stargate are figments of her imagination.
Common Ground
EPISODE #: 307     AIR DATE: 08.25.2006     
Colonel Sheppard finds himself the prisoner of a Genii commander, along with a desperately hungry Wraith who has been separated from his hive.
McKay and Mrs. Miller
EPISODE #: 308     AIR DATE: 09.08.2006     
Rodney McKay is reunited with his estranged sister back on Earth, who has given up a brilliant career as a scientist to raise a family.
EPISODE #: 309     AIR DATE: 09.15.2006     
Sheppard and Ronon are influenced by a mind-altering device created by the Wraith while on a mission to rescue a lost team.
The Return, Part 1
EPISODE #: 310     AIR DATE: 09.22.2006     
The Atlantis expedition is stunned when a ship full of Ancients returns to reclaim their home, forcing them to return to Earth.
The Return, Part 2
EPISODE #: 311     AIR DATE: 04.13.2007     
The Atlantis team goes against orders to try and save Atlantis from Replicator control – and to rescue General O'Neill and Richard Woolsey, who are trapped in the occupied city.
EPISODE #: 312     AIR DATE: 04.20.2007     
The inhabitants of Atlantis begin to suffer ill effects when the planet's whale population begins migrating to the island city, bringing an unexpected harbinger of doom.
EPISODE #: 313     AIR DATE: 04.27.2007     
The team finds Lucius Lavin manipulating the people of another hapless planet, using Ancient technology to pose as an invincible hero.
Tao of Rodney
EPISODE #: 314     AIR DATE: 05.04.2007     
After an Ancient device gives Rodney superhuman powers, his enhanced brilliance is checked only by his impending death – unless he can learn how to ascend.
The Game
EPISODE #: 315     AIR DATE: 05.11.2007     
Sheppard and McKay discover that their competitive video game has been controlling a planet of real people, who now stand on the brink of war.
The Ark
EPISODE #: 316     AIR DATE: 05.18.2007     
The team discovers the last of a civilization in suspended animation, whose survival is at risk when their station is critically damaged.
EPISODE #: 317     AIR DATE: 06.01.2007     
The team tries to relax during a mandatory day off, until an explosion leaves three people dead – and reveals that one scientist is a walking time bomb.
EPISODE #: 318     AIR DATE: 06.08.2007     
The team discovers an Ancient drilling station deep beneath the surface of the ocean, only to find that a Wraith queen is still alive there.
EPISODE #: 319     AIR DATE: 06.15.2007     
The Atlantis team investigates the disappearance of one of their allies, only to find an old enemy engineering a race of powerful monsters.
First Strike
EPISODE #: 320     AIR DATE: 06.22.2007     
An unstoppable energy weapon leaves Atlantis under seige after Earth launches a preemptive attack against the Replicator home world.