SGA Season Five Episode Guide

Search and Rescue
EPISODE #: 501     AIR DATE: 07.11.2008     
After a conflict with Michael leaves several Atlantis personnel trapped, Colonel Carter leads a rescue mission – unaware that Michael is still nearby.
The Seed
EPISODE #: 502     AIR DATE: 07.18.2008     
When an alien organism incapacitates Dr. Keller, the team seeks help from an old friend recently revived from stasis.
Broken Ties
EPISODE #: 503     AIR DATE: 07.25.2008     
Ronon once again comes face-to-face with Tyre, one of his people who became a Wraith worshiper – but who now claims he has broken free of their influence.
"The Daedalus Variations" The Daedalus Variations
EPISODE #: 504     AIR DATE: 08.01.2008     
The team boards the Daedalus when it shows up abandoned in orbit, only to find themselves skipping through parallel universes.
Ghost In the Machine
EPISODE #: 505     AIR DATE: 08.15.2008     
The city of Atlantis becomes host to the minds of disembodied Replicators, led by someone very close to the team.
The Shrine
EPISODE #: 506     AIR DATE: 08.22.2008     
Rodney McKay is stricken with a mental affliction that robs him of his knowledge and memories, causing him to revert to a childlike state.
EPISODE #: 507     AIR DATE: 09.05.2008     
Sheppard and Beckett join a team investigating a hidden Wraith laboratory where Michael has been conducting genetic experiments.
Teyla poses as a Wraith queen ("The Queen") The Queen
EPISODE #: 508     AIR DATE: 09.12.2008     
Teyla goes in disguise as a Wraith queen when Todd agrees to make a bold proposal to the leader of his alliance – not realizing that he has other intentions.
EPISODE #: 509     AIR DATE: 09.19.2008     
Ronon and McKay join Dr. Keller on an off-world errand of mercy, and must track her through the forest when a Runner kidnaps her.
First Contact
EPISODE #: 510     AIR DATE: 09.26.2008     
When Daniel Jackson visits Atlantis, he and Dr. McKay discover a hidden lab that brings a new enemy knocking. The Daedalus welcomes a Wraith ally for a special project.
The rogue Asgard ("The Lost Tribe") The Lost Tribe
EPISODE #: 511     AIR DATE: 10.10.2008     
Sheppard races to an Ancient laboratory to save McKay and Daniel Jackson before Todd arrives to destroy a weapon that has a devastating side-effect. Daniel uncovers the identity of the hostile new species.
EPISODE #: 512     AIR DATE: 10.17.2008     
The Wraith arrive in a village where Dr. Beckett is working, and demand that the locals turn over a group of refugees who survived the Hoffan plague – or the entire village will be obliterated.
EPISODE #: 513     AIR DATE: 10.24.2008     
A new coalition of human worlds puts the Atlantis team on trial for their alleged crimes against the Pegasus Galaxy.
"The Prodigal" The Prodigal
EPISODE #: 514     AIR DATE: 11.07.2008     
The team fights to retake control of Atlantis when Michael infiltrates the control room to take Teyla's child and destroy the city.
EPISODE #: 515     AIR DATE: 11.14.2008     
While being evaluated by the I.O.A. Richard Woolsey meets a beautiful scientist new to Atlantis, who is not what she appears. Sheppard is captured and tortured by an enemy he thought was dead.
Brain Storm
EPISODE #: 516     AIR DATE: 11.21.2008     
Rodney returns to Earth with Jennifer to witness the triumph of his rival, who believes he has solved the problem of global warming. But when the new technology goes horribly awry, Rodney must help shut down the deadly weather device.
EPISODE #: 517     AIR DATE: 12.05.2008     
After Todd's hive ship shows up over Atlantis transmitting a distress call, the team discovers that he and his crew have been stricken with a disease they helped create.
EPISODE #: 518     AIR DATE: 12.12.2008     
Dr. Keller's body is taken over by a cunning thief, while Keller finds herself imprisoned with a death sentence on another planet.
EPISODE #: 519     AIR DATE: 01.02.2009     
In the city of Las Vegas, Detective John Sheppard must solve the case on a long string of unusual murders – perpetrated by a Wraith in hiding.
Enemy At the Gate
EPISODE #: 520     AIR DATE: 01.09.2009     
The team learns that a rogue Wraith has acquired several Z.P.M.s to power a formidable new hive ship – and he is headed for Earth.