SG-1 Season Ten Episode Guide

Flesh and Blood
EPISODE #: 1001     AIR DATE: 07.14.2006     
As the Ori invade the Jaffa planet Chulak, Vala and Daniel must deal with their leader: Vala's young daughter, rapidly aged by the Ori to serve their purposes.
EPISODE #: 1002     AIR DATE: 07.21.2006     
SG-1 investigates a problem off-world and soon finds that they have become victims themselves: they cannot stay awake. Meanwhile, Vala Mal Doran undergoes an evaluation on Earth, hoping to join SG-1.
The Pegasus Project
EPISODE #: 1003     AIR DATE: 07.28.2006     
SG-1 visits Atlantis in the hopes of preventing the Ori from sending more ships through the Supergate, and to find a new lead on Merlin's anti-Ori weapon.
EPISODE #: 1004     AIR DATE: 08.04.2006     
When Baal comes to Earth seeking help, Stargate Command must capture his clones and determine which one is the genuine article.
EPISODE #: 1005     AIR DATE: 08.11.2006     
Teal'c discovers a world where people are being savagely attacked by an elusive creature, leading SG-1 to a stunning discovery about its potential origin.
EPISODE #: 1006     AIR DATE: 08.18.2006     
Martin Lloyd seeks out SG-1 for assistance when his failed TV show based on the real Stargate program becomes a feature film.
EPISODE #: 1007     AIR DATE: 08.25.2006     
The Jaffa take the fight to the Ori, using a genocidal weapon on their new worshipers and landing SG-1 in the middle of a war they can't control.
Memento Mori
EPISODE #: 1008     AIR DATE: 09.08.2006     
Striken with amnesia and on the run, Vala takes a job as a waitress as she tries to piece together who she is and what happened to her.
Company of Thieves
EPISODE #: 1009     AIR DATE: 09.15.2006     
Cameron Mitchell must go undercover inside the deadly Lucian Alliance to prevent his teammates from becoming casualties of an Alliance civil war.
The Quest, Part 1
EPISODE #: 1010     AIR DATE: 09.22.2006     
SG-1 races against Baal in the hunt to find the Sangraal, Merlin's anti-Ori weapon, and comes up against a series of ancient trials.
The Quest, Part 2
EPISODE #: 1011     AIR DATE: 04.13.2007     
When the team finds Merlin himself, they must help him complete the Sangraal weapon before Adria and her Ori forces can track them down.
Line In the Sand
EPISODE #: 1012     AIR DATE: 04.20.2007     
SG-1 tries to defend a planet from the Ori by hiding its people in another dimension. Vala attempts to convince her husband Tomin of the Ori's true motives.
The Road Not Taken
EPISODE #: 1013     AIR DATE: 04.27.2007     
An experiment gone wrong pulls Samantha Carter into a parallel reality, where she must save Earth from an Ori assault before she will be allowed to return home.
The Shroud
EPISODE #: 1014     AIR DATE: 05.04.2007     
When SG-1 discovers that Daniel Jackson has been turned into a Prior of the Ori, they must determine whether or not his plan to destroy the Ori is genuine.
EPISODE #: 1015     AIR DATE: 05.11.2007     
When the Lucian Alliance puts a bounty on SG-1's heads, Cameron Mitchell finds himself a target while attending his high school reunion.
Bad Guys
EPISODE #: 1016     AIR DATE: 05.18.2007     
SG-1 realizes they have stepped through the gate into another planet's museum – but are mistaken for a band of zealous rebels who have taken hostages.
EPISODE #: 1017     AIR DATE: 06.01.2007     
When a terrorist attack decimates a Jaffa summit Teal'c strikes out on a quest for revenge, believing that the perpetrator is one of his own people.
Family Ties
EPISODE #: 1018     AIR DATE: 06.08.2007     
Earth provides sanctuary for Vala's estranged, con artist father after he provides intel about a Jaffa plot to attack the planet.
EPISODE #: 1019     AIR DATE: 06.15.2007     
SG-1 hatches an elaborate plan to try and capture Adria, using Vala as bait.
EPISODE #: 1020     AIR DATE: 06.22.2007     
Trapped on board the Odyssey, the members of SG-1 must live out the rest of their lives together when Carter activates a time dilation field to save the ship from destruction.