Daniel Jackson #3

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ISSUE #3 of 4
RELEASE DATE: August 2010
PUBLISHER: Dynamite Entertainment
STORY BY: Doug Murray
ART BY: John Watson
MAIN COVER BY: Chasen Greishop
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While searching for an ancient treasure Daniel runs afoul of a group of Jaffa who have been left stranded by the Goa'uld they serve.

Daniel Jackson (Stargate's very own cross between Sherlock Holmes and Mr. Spock) uses his powers to find a way to the location of the ancient treasure. While doing so, he has to deal with the Jaffa stranded by their God, and determine friend from foe -- something that can be very hard to do. From Dynamite Entertainment


  • This 4-issue series is collected in the Stargate: Daniel Jackson trade paperback (available at Amazon.com).


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