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Tom McBeath reveals that Maybourne was never truly evil -- he just had his own agenda.
Tom quickly became a fan favorite on and off the stage, spending long nights at the hotel bar chatting away with the con-goers.
On the set of the "Stargate" movie, Alexis Cruz would converse with Erik Avari ("Kasuf") in Ancient Egyptian, he told fans.
The Egyptologist who advised for the production was overjoyed to hear the language he'd painstakingly reconstructed actually being used -- even if it was only to say "pass me a glass of water."
Alexis is a true multi-talent. In addition to being an actor and teaching kids about acting, he's also a certified EMT and an ordained minister.
Alexis's hand ascends without the rest of him.
Michael Shanks is unlike Daniel in some respects; asked how many languages he speaks replies, "Barely one." He tells that his bilingual 6-year-old tells him, "Daddy, you can't speak French." As far as archaeology goes it's the myths and the stories that most interest him.
Michael previously made a living by hitting metal pipes with a hammer to get the rust out of them. Pipe-de-rusting's loss is our gain.
Recent stories have been set largely on Earth, but Michael promises a return to exploring in the show's upcoming ninth season. And for the first time in years The Powers That Be are unconcerned with tying up loose ends. In case the new season turns out to be the last, they're just taking it as it comes.
Michael Shanks is informed -- in no uncertain terms -- that most fans do not fancy Dr. Daniel Jackson with a beard, as seen in the first pictures of the upcoming ninth season of Stargate SG-1. He reveals that the beard -- aptly dubbed "furling" -- was considered necessary by the MGM executives in order for fans to be able to tell the difference between Daniel Jackson and Ben Browder's new character, Colonel Mitchell.
Season Nine is being shot in sequence. When the show was going over budget, the suits told the producers to start overlapping again, but they revolted. Michael said the actors didn't mind overlapping much but it was much harder on set-builders, directors, and the rest of the behind-the-scenes crew.
Michael likes playing Thor. "Thor's up to three deaths, but Daniel's up to about twelve," he joked. "I try not to take it personally."
Everyone on the "Icon" set coveted Michael's jacket, but he was the one who got to keep it. It's back in Season Nine -- hurrah!
Chris Judge doesn't know yet if he'll be writing a script for the upcoming season. As a photographer he's working on his "Women of SF" calendar, and he has a "Men of SF" calendar in the works, too.
We won't say what Chris admits to having stolen from the set, in case anyone is reading this who will demand it back! Oh, alright ... it was underwear. The underwear was provided for him after a memo came from MGM during Season One that said that MGM had noticed that Teal'c wasn't wearing underwear and he should be, he told the crowd.
With regard to the beard Daniel Jackson sports in early Season Nine, Chrisdelights in telling fans about another famous decision of the MGM executives:Teal'c will never be allowed to remove the symbol on his forehead ... becauseotherwise the viewers might no longer be able to tell Teal'c apart from the othermembers of SG-1. Especially Sam Carter.
Chris denies that he's ever "Puffed" or "Ruffled." Do we believe him?
Chris reminisces about food fights of the recent past. "Oh, the Dallas con food fight -- was that the butter one? That was gooood!"
One of Chris's fondest memories of the show is spending half of Season One's "Tin Man" covered in goo ...
... Second-ranked is snogging Jolene Blalock.
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