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Captain and helicopter pilot in the Air Force. Holland served alongside John Sheppard in Afghanistan. In contrast to Sheppard, he was regularly pessimistic in any situation in which he found himself entangled.

Holland had taken Taliban fire and crashed in hostile territory. Sheppard, who was in range at the time, was ordered not to return for him. Instead, the major stole a chopper to retrieve his friend. In the process, the tail rotor of his bird was hit.

Sheppard, who managed to escape the crash alive, found Holland concealing himself in an old Russian helicopter. He patched his comrade's wounds so that the two could walk to a friendly camp. En route Sheppard insisted that once they escaped Holland would buy a round of drinks in Kandahar. But Holland would not survive the journey. The incident is likely the reason Sheppard was transferred to Antarctica as punishment for disobeying orders.


PLAYED BY - Nels Lennarson


Phantoms - Susceptible to the Wraith mind manipulator, Sheppard perceives Captain Holland in place of Teyla, and Afghanistan instead of M1B-129.