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Dial the Gate is a YouTube podcast series presented by GateWorld. The show aims to celebrate the success of the Stargate television and movie franchise with the creators and fans in long-form, multi-part retrospective interviews.

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Hosted by David Read

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Upcoming: Martin Wood (Dial the Gate)

Martin Wood
Director, SG-1 and Atlantis
October 25, 2020
(LIVE @ 12pm PT / 3pm ET)
Upcoming: Robert C. Cooper (Dial the Gate)

Robert C. Cooper
Writer, Producer, Director
October 31, 2020
(Pre-recorded: Streaming @ 1pm PT / 4pm ET)
Upcoming: Andee Frizzell (Dial the Gate)

Andee Frizzell
Wraith Queens on Atlantis
October 31, 2020
(Pre-recorded: Streaming @ 3pm PT / 6pm ET)
Additional Confirmed Guests
Jay Acovone (“Kawalsky”)
Neal Acree (Composer)
Simone Bailly (“Ka’lel”)
David Blue (“Eli Wallace”)
Suanne Braun (“Hathor”)
Alexis Cruz (“Skaara”)
Colin Cunningham (“Major Davis”)
Neil Denis (“Rya’c”)
Rainbow Sun Francks (“Aiden Ford”)
David Hewlett (“Rodney McKay”)
Torri Higginson (“Elizabeth Weir”)
Sam J. Jones (“Aris Boch”)
Christopher Judge (“Teal’c”)
Julie McNiven (“Ginn”)
Katharyn Powers (Writer, Stargate SG-1)
Teryl Rothery (“Janet Fraiser”)
Jacqueline Samuda (“Nirrti”)
Garwin Sanford (“Narim”)
Amanda Tapping (“Samantha Carter”)
Martin Wood (Director)
Rick Worthy (“Kytano” / “Imhotep”)

Guest appearances are subject to change.


Tom McBeath (Dial the Gate)

Tom McBeath
Harry Maybourne on SG-1
October 24, 2020
Gary Jones (Dial the Gate)

Gary Jones
Walter Harriman on SG-1
October 24, 2020
Dean Devlin (Dial the Gate)

Dean Devlin
Writer and Producer, Stargate
October 17, 2020
Paul McGillion (Dial the Gate)

Paul McGillion
Carson Beckett on Atlantis
October 17, 2020
Joe Flanigan (Dial the Gate)

Joe Flanigan
John Sheppard on Atlantis
October 11, 2020
Joseph Mallozzi (Dial the Gate)

Joseph Mallozzi
Writer and Executive Producer
October 10, 2020
Tony Amendola (Dial the Gate)

Tony Amendola
Bra’tac on Stargate SG-1
October 10, 2020
Darren Sumner

Darren Sumner
GateWorld Founder
October 3, 2020

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