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Member of the cave-dwelling people on a planet that Earth's Jonas Hansen decided to claim and rule. Jamala grew up believing that "When the sky is orange, it's good," hinting at an old technology that would protect them from deadly ultraviolet rays. The arrival of SG-1 sent him into a sprint -- but they successfully captured him, telling him Jonas was not a god.

Jamala was encouraged to aid SG-1 in the reclaiming of captured personnel from Stargate Command. He learned how to handle and fire a staff weapon, and when the appropriate time drew near Jamala was able to use it to signal Teal'c to activate the sun shield generator on the other side of the valley. This made the sky turn orange and brought safety to his people once more, while also abolishing Jonas as a false god.


PLAYED BY - [Zahf Hajee Zahf Hajee]
FIRST APPEARED - The First Commandment


The First Commandment - While sipping water from a stream, Jamala is cornered by SG-1 personnel who hope to obtain his aid.